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ICYMI, @BeachBunnyMusic and @iDKHOW were both guests on this week's show.
Two amazing bands, one great hour of music.

Run back the latest episode of #ALTCTRL right now only on Apple Music.

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"Disfruten de nuestra conversación con @hanumanwelch en el último episodio de la Radio #ALTCTRL, ahora en @AppleMusic. "

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📲 | iDKHOW via Twitter.

"Ouça nossa conversa com @hanumanwelch sobre o último episódio da #ALTCTRL Radio, agora na @AppleMusic. "

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Please enjoy our conversation with @hanumanwelch on the latest episode of #ALTCTRL Radio, now on @AppleMusic.

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"👑 @iDKHOW se juntará a nós na #ALTCTRL em sua nova versão ao vivo de 'Leave Me Alone' e sentindo falta dos shows ao vivo,

"É bizarro não ter uma saída para shows ao vivo, é um lançamento espiritual e psicológico muito necessário para mim."

20 horas (Horário de Brasília) +

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🐰@BeachBunnyMusic kicks off 2021 with a new EP, Lili opens up about writing it,

"I had like a six month stretch where I was just very angry at the world, angry at my past. So it's just all this pent up aggression.

3pm @AppleMusic
#BlameGame #ALTCTRL

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👑@iDKHOW join us on a brand new #ALTCTRL on their new live version of 'Leave Me Alone' and missing playing shows,

"It's bizarre not having the outlet of live shows, it's a very necessary spiritual and psychological release for me."

3pm pst @AppleMusic

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on the cover of #ALTCTRL with #badguy. thank you sooo much for the love this era so far 🩸 @AppleMusic

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#AppleMusic .KingsOfLeon are back.
Listen to #TheBandit from their upcoming album #WhenYouSeeYourself on #ALTCTRL:

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.@KingsOfLeon are back.
Listen to #TheBandit from their upcoming album #WhenYouSeeYourself on #ALTCTRL:

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.@thedumes “Ok” featured #1 on @AppleMusic #ALTCTRL Radio w/ @hanumanwelch!

#applemusic #applemusicplaylist #altctrlradio #hanuman #hanumanwelch #newmusic #discover #jennyowenyoungs #thedumes #joechiccarelli @symphonicdist @artfitpro @sunsetsound

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👑@KingsOfLeon are back with the band’s first new album in five years.

#ALTCTRL dives deep into the #KoL discography and the forthcoming #WhenYouSeeYourself

3pm PST only on @AppleMusic

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From their latest Alternative EP - #Goosebumps, London based @bastilledan are on the cover of @AppleMusic's #AltCtrl playlist with their exceptional jam #Survivin taking the lead!

Get to stream #Survivin on #AltCtrl here➡️


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#AppleMusic “I love how spacious and different it feels.”

bastilledan leads #ALTCTRL with #survivin. Listen:

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“I love how spacious and different it feels.”

@bastilledan leads #ALTCTRL with #survivin. Listen:

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Here’s us lot on the @applemusic #ALTCTRL playlist. Have a listen to “survivin’” here:

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El #GameLab de Game on! El arte en juego quedó seleccionado entre los proyectos de #mecenazgo2020 En breve a activar! #StayTuned #artgames #altctrl #indie #videojuegos

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✨Muy feliz de haber sido seleccionada por Mecenazgo2020 con "Tecno-poesía para contemplar el cielo estrellado" que articula el arte con los juegos, la astronomía, la tecnología .

🦌Un gran desafio que implica concebir controles gamers alternativos. #altctrl #artgame

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Projet du jour: pinball virtuel dans un pinball électromagnétique.

Bloqué sur les réparations, on varie les plaisirs. La dernière fois c'était avec un protecteur, là j'essaye avec un écran (suspendu!)

#pinball #bidouille #vpinball #makeymakey #altctrl

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Taking time to get some work done on Plug-Plug during the holidays ^^' This year's been tough, but I gotta get this baby completed by spring! Finished the 3D models, now I gotta find somewhere to print them for not too much...😓

#altctrl #gamedev #indiedev #Arduino

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Check out this trailer that shows off the awesome @Random_Bazar exhibition of the @FriendArcade classic Kick In The Door! Can’t get over how great the light up pedals are!🦶

I’m so happy that this strange party game continues to find new players! 🐵

#altctrl #punkgames #kickit

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Kick in the Door - @raxterbaxter et @Ben_Rausch

Trailer de Kick in the Door ! Le Simon Says/Jacques a dit vidéoludique, psychédélique et coopératif de notre expo' Happy Feet !
Trailer réalisé par @kopp_art

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hey folks! Just a few more hours to catch my one-of-a-kind #1000ButtonProject prototype backpack that is currently up for auction (along with a bunch of other stuff) to support indie arcade @wondervillenyc #altctrl

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Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les contrôleurs alternatifs, voici une série de vidéos par @MechBird pour comprendre le quoi du pourquoi du comment des alt ctrl ! C'est sous titré en français, en plus...

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Thank you so much @AppleMusic! July just hit 500k streams. Listen on the #ALTCTRL playlist

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Rendre hommage aux manchots en nommant une expo' #altctrl "Happy Feet" : check.

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@jrcwest I really enjoyed @Ludipe's Tie Simulator 2020! I'll run the #altctrl at home jam again in 2021. I'm thinking about making it a yearly event, so there'll be other opportunities for sure ;)

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I couldn't decide if I wanted to make a #game based on a keyboard or a gamepad for the #ALTCTRL AT HOME so I did both. Here is my second entry : Good Soup MF. A very short game played with #chopsticks and #joysticks.

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Hey @AppleMusic, could you please use a different hashtag for your Alt Ctrl Radio show?

The alternative-controls video game development community has used #altctrl for years, and you're kinda stepping on it.

For reference:

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Tie Simulator 2020 (@Ludipe)

"A very serious game about tying a tie.

Made during #ALTCTRL by a developer who has never tied one." ⌨️ 👔

Free - Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux:

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1# Keep the beat, an #altctrl #rhythm #game based on #player's #heartbeat and a custom #controller

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Today, students in #gamedesign & product #design from @RubikaEducation presents the #ALTCTRL #games they made in my class for the past 2 months. It wasn't easy in the current context but they made it! A thread...

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check out Overwhelmed now on @AppleMusic's #ALTCTRL playlist!!!!

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