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When you realize government can solve problems not just make people’s lives worse. #BidenHarris #BuildBackBetter #ByeByeTrump @maddow

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@DonaldJTrumpJr He didn’t do anything by stoke his ego in front of his adoring calf worshippers. He might as well have been masturbating in front of a mirror. #GoldenCalf #selflove #ByeByeTrump

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Rump is going to have his voter fraud case go before a Fulton County Georgia grand jury. They say a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. Hopefully they continue and indict a big fat orange Big Mac with a20 piece bucket of chicken on the side.
#BigLie #ByeByeTrump #IndictTrump

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@kayleighmcenany @JuddPDeere Cope your little man boss is gone.

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@NavygirlLaura @MalcolmNance That tattoo is gonna be hard to cover up after Trump goes to prison. #TrumpCult #byebyetrump

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Was jetzt wohl seine querdenkenden Anhänger sagen?
Ach ja, fake news...hatte ich schon fast vergessen.


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Nach seiner Covid-19-Erkrankung prahlte Donald Trump mit seiner Immunität. Auf eine Impfung gegen das Coronavirus wollte der Ex-US-Präsident aber offenbar nicht verzichten.

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Um...still worshipping this man I see. Idolatry at its finest. #Trump2024 #jokes #byebyetrump

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❌ We've got Latinx, #MadameX and now Womxn...

What's next?

🚫 #Womxn ~ ✅ #Tr❌p

#Trump #ByeByeTrump #LockHimUp

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#byebyetrump #TrumpIsGone #TrumpIsGuilty

Okay, the whole thing where he feels happier about leaving the White House is just making me feel a whole lot happier! Now him feeling happier now that he's off of Twitter is a bit of a stretch.

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@Origsmartassam Yep Trump is a fair dinkum W⚓️ and only a uneducated subscriber to #FoxNews would swallow the verbal diarrhoea that flows from his gob. PS: Every subscriber to @FoxNews is a uneducated loser. Hence why they attract to each other. 😂😂😂😂 #Trump #Loser #Criminal #ByeByeTrump 😂😂

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Isn't it depressing how people keep trying to make a big loser relevant while he struggles for the slightest bit of attention...and fails yet again. #ByeByeTrump
-And, that's President Joe Biden to you.

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Remember when Trump supporters told us to take the L four years ago and accept the fact that Trump was our president? It’s time for you to do the same. #bidenharis2020 #ByeByeTrump

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MSNBC and CNN aren't playing the former president's speech.

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As you watch or don't watch Donald Trump at CPAC today, enjoy this fact: He lost. He's not president.

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Dear @Hyatt, we made a video for you! When we get 12,000 retweets and replies using the hashtag #ByeHyatt we will release it!!!

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Do you think it’s depressing for @JoeBiden to realize that more people will tune into Donald Trump’s CPAC speech today than any speech Joe has ever given or will ever give?

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A beautiful golden statue of President Trump was unveiled late Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

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