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@helenprejean On this and all further MLK holidays I will remember #DustinHiggs, I'll remember that we still have no Justice on this land that is soaked with the blood of our ancestors. I'll remember that in life MLK was despised by most of this nation. I'll never forget.

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Justice Sotomayor’s powerful dissent in #DustinHiggs: “Throughout this expedited spree of executions, this Court has consistently rejected inmates’ credible claims for relief.” Read more here:

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Dustin Higgs was executed by the US government last week. But he didn’t kill anyone. The guilty man confessed, and told officials Higgs wasn’t involved.

#AbolishTheDeathPenalty #DustinHiggs #LisaMontgomery #deathpenalty #InaugurationDay

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@peasonearthh No, never. We will never forget #DustinHiggs . ❤️

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On this and all further MLK holidays I will remember #DustinHiggs, I'll remember that we still have no Justice on this land that is soaked with the blood of our ancestors. I'll remember that in life MLK was despised by most of this nation. I'll never forget.

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'This Is Not Justice': Sotomayor's Death Penalty Dissent Is Scorching. #deathpenalty #dustinhiggs

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ok so i just found out dustin higgs was executed despite the government telling us that it will be postponed until march this is infuriating #DustinHiggs

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@AthenaSidiropo2 Here is #DustinHiggs and Family...
We Fight Forward
Justice for All

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It’s been 3 days since the federal government MURDERED #DustinHiggs and I wasn’t sure what I could say or do to make things better bc there’s nothing that I could say to ease the grief of his family. The only thing I can say is I am so sorry and we will keep fighting

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@cnocbeag @KarineOmry @jettica65 @Attika_t @KaranjaKeita @kevskewl @GeorgeTrudel3 @natematters @AthenaSidiropo2 @Imthissexyinrl @billiemelissa_ #EndTheDeathPenalty
#DustinHiggs and @Jews4Abolition

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#DustinHiggs’ execution is a festering racism problem that has eaten deep into the heart of legal America.
@LilianaSegura’s piece continues to sadden me. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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@LilianaSegura’s piece and relentless covering of #DustinHiggs’ execution saddens me. He didn’t do it.🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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The next time you hear Donald Trump talk about the progress made under the watch of his gov't and all the 'good' he has done- remember that there have been more federal executions during his administration than any other in the last 120 years. #DustinHiggs

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#DustinHiggs rest in peace i hope your soul is free and happy the system has failed you

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Corey Johnson and I both apparently really like jelly donuts. He was executed without having one more, as part of the last meal he requested.

I’m having this jelly donut for #CoreyJohnson, #LisaMontgomery, and #DustinHiggs - murdered by the state.

Abolish the death penalty NOW

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I’m outraged and disgusted. Our system failed Dustin Higgs. Our society is racist. We must acknowledge this. Our society failed an innocent man. Say his name.

Now we must save others placed on death row. Sign petitions, speak & act out.
#AbolishTheDeathPenalty #DustinHiggs

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@thenexttodie @madw0maninattic NOOOOO! This has GOT TO STOP!

#DustinHiggs and he was INNOCENT & the confessed murderer had already been sentenced to life in prison 🤬

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Rest in Paradise Dustin Higgs #DustinHiggs

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To be clear, I am not defending this man and haven’t read anything more than the article about the murders/case. I do not, however, support the death penalty. #DustinHiggs

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#BBC #News #Mundo #Internacional - #DustinHiggs: la #última #ejecución #federal de la #presidencia de #DonaldTrump en #EEUU. a través de @BBC ... @ivanturmero

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@JerryDunleavy @JohnCornyn #DustinHiggs didn't kill anyone though. We have to get rid of draconian accomplice and felony murder laws if we insist on continuing to allow the government to execute its citizens.

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Read the comments like nobody cares bout stupid questions like hey minitoon when piggy intercity gonna come out like a dude died and your minds are stuck to a game that will come soon #iHateImpatientPeopleDontYou
#DustinHiggs @DaRealMiniToon

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@wingedwolf94 @Deitychimera @grayscaleocelot

I don’t tag you guys often and I don’t know if Gray and Chimera are involved in political things but please retweet this.

I don’t need the attention or anything, I just want to spread the word for Dustin Higgs 😔

#DustinHiggs #BLM

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@CoriBush ..... or lets say the names of their victims with whom they brutally murdered. The list isnt difficult to find although not talked about. #DustinHiggs #AbolishTheDeathPenalty

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@CoriBush @ChuckModi1 #SayTheirNames



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my heart hurts so bad for #DustinHiggs he deserved to live. he was innocent. donald trump is using his last days in office to terrorize minorities and i cannot be more disgusted. black lives matter forever and always. rest easy❤️.

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rest in power #DustinHiggs . my heart is broken. i’m so incredibly sorry. 💔💔 FUCK THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION AND FUCK THE 6 MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT THAT ALLOWED THIS. YOU MAKE ME SICK.

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Justice Sotomayor's welcome dissent aside, the more fundamental issue is the continuing maintenance of the #deathpenalty in US federal & state law.


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Here’s an explanation from anti- #DeathPenalty activists for why they tried to block media vans yesterday taking reporters to the death house for #DustinHiggs’ execution. Officials got word of the action in advance, so the prison vans we were in went round to a different entrance.

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Dustin Higgs, last convict scheduled to die under Trump, is executed

Higgs was the thirteenth federal convict put to death under Trump and the third this week to receive a lethal injection.


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@mtarm @LilianaSegura: Here’s the statement from @DeathPenaltyAct of why activists were prepared to stop the vans going into the execution.

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On Friday around 1 am Dustin Higgs was killed in the death penalty. This really needs to fucking stop. He was innocent. #DustinHiggs #SayHisName

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Abolish the damn the death penalty. Dustin Higgs deserved better. I can’t believe this happened again. Dustin Higgs was executed by the Trump administration at 1:23 a.m. Saturday, January 16th. The 13th federal execution carried out since July.

#SayHisName #DustinHiggs

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Rest in power and peace, Dustin.

It is no accident that Trump’s final execution is a brother. These systems are literally designed to kill us. We must dismantle these systems of oppression.

End federal executions.

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I come back online to hearing about this whole situation and I am happy to know it’s it too late.

Please do what you can, sign petitions, call them, email them- despite being a Canadian I did what I could, and you should too. Thank you so much. ❤️

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