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1 week to go until the @jonasbrothers happiness begins your at the o2 Arena in London last year. #HappinessBeginsTour

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#Tbt<- una de las mejores noches de mi vida! #happinessbeginstour

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In 6 days time it will have been one whole year since we saw the @jonasbrothers #HappinessBeginsTour - one of those last things we did in normal times, go to a concert!

Just watching the videos back and I miss it so so so so so so much!

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Be crazy. Be silly, Be weird, Be smart, Be funny, BE WHATEVER, but BE HAPPY !!

#throwback #jaipur #crazygirl
#happinessisachoice #happinessbeginstour #smilemore #weekendmood #saturday

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@jobros_g The only possible reason I can think of is the bros knew from their trip to Year 3000 that #Inauguration2021 will be a turning point and to help communicate the msg, they wore the same for their 2019 #HappinessBeginsTour 🤯

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Hoje ocorreu a cerimônia de posse do novo presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden.

Sua esposa, Jill Biden, a vice-presidente Kamala Harris e Michelle Obama utilizaram roupas parecidas com os ternos da #HappinessBeginsTour!

Kevin deu glórias nas Stories! O PODER DE DOIS TRIOS! 🔥🔥

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Who remembers when we could be this close to the @jonasbrothers!? 😭✋🏼 #happinessbeginstour #jonasbrothers #mng

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Reverent Spells. A Full Moon spell Brings forth an outpourings of creative rewards.

#handletteringlove #handmade #handmadewithlove #happiness #happinessbegins #happinessbeginstour

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Yo recordando que no fui al #HappinessBeginsTour después de leer el hilo de las novas de Joe Jonas

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2020 was a mess, but at least I went to a @jonasbrothers concert before the pandemic 🙈🙃 @joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas #HappinessBeginsTour

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When @joejonas & @nickjonas would sing “let’s lose our minds and go crazy crazy” instead of “fucking crazy” during CBTO on the #happinessbeginstour

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The censorship is disgusting

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#August #Crazy2020 #YearInReview @jonasbrothers celebrate one year anniversary of the #HappinessBeginsTour and ask fans to post their favorite memories with the hashtag #HBTMemories

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El 2020 ha sido un año complicado para todxs, pero al menos pudimos disfrutar del #happinessbeginstour en España. Así que, con este recuerdo os deseamos un feliz 2021 a todos lxs Jonas fans!! 🎉💜

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Gracias por este 2020 tan maravilloso, pude cumplir un sueño. #HappinessBeginsTour
Gracias a los chicos @jonasbrothers por hacer este año un poco mejor y gracias a todo el fandom por el apoyo. Que tengáis una feliz noche y un feliz 2021. La felicidad acaba de empezar.

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Sin duda alguna, mi momento mágico favorito de este 2020💫

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@brookelinville Me & @kayleigh_wilko had a meal at hard rock & stayed over in Manchester to watch the @jonasbrothers 😢🥺 #happinessbeginstour

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Went to see The Jonas Brothers #happinessbeginstour @ the O2 😭

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#April #Crazy2020 @jonasbrothers let us know they have an announcement but @PrimeVideo leaks the fact that #HappinessContinues a concert movie of #HappinessBeginsTour will be available on Amazon PrimeVideo

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📷 A little bit of life experience! Sharing is caring! . . . #shareyourstory #shareforshare #sharehappiness #happinessisachoice #happiness💕 #happinessishomemade #happinesscomesfromwithin #happinessbeginstour #happinessis...

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As we prepare to leave 2020 behind, I’m curious, what was the last normal thing you did before the shutdowns began in Feb/March?

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I finally made my souvenir frame 😁
@jonasbrothers @nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas @PapaJonas #HappinessBeginsTour #France

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I haven't tweeted since the 1 year anniversary of my #HappinessBeginsTour concert. Lol. I'm depressed. Sorry. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Mi mejor amiga me regalo un charm , hecho por ella con parte del confeti que recogí de #happinessbeginstour @jonasbrothers ✨💜

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#February #Crazy2020 #YearInReview @jonasbrothers #HappinessBeginsTour This was a thankyou to the fans for coming to the shows 🥺

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#February #Crazy2020 @jonasbrothers The European leg of the #HappinessBeginsTour began end of January

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@joejonas omg i miss you guys so much #HappinessBeginsTour I could nevee forget it 😭😭❤️ i love you Joseph ✨

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@joejonas aww i miss you and your brothers too 🥺❤️ #HappinessBeginsTour

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#Buddha #Health #healthy #satisfaction #trust #nirvanainfire #Joy #happinessbeginstour

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#happinessbeginstour 🎶⭐️⭐️⭐️🎶👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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@joejonas ON THE #happinessbeginstour , I SING, DANCE AND CRY, YOU REALLY MADE ME VERY HAPPY!!

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@nickjonas #happinessbeginstour IS ONE OF THE BEST CONCERTS I HAVE EVER GONE!!

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#WCW "Ok since Sophie mentioned songs being written about her and we've been talking about #HappinessBeginsTour Heres Hesitate written for Soph by Joe Try not to cry😭" (NotMyVideo) Hesitate | Jophie ♥ via @YouTube

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