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The killing spree must stop.

I call on #SCOTUS to stop this cruelty and allow people a fair standing in court.

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@KarineOmry @jettica65 @cnocbeag @KaranjaKeita @PepperOceanna @kevskewl @GeorgeTrudel3 @Wheatty @EJUSA @AthenaSidiropo2 #HelpSaveCorey

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Great and at the same time chilling photo: could be a library, a town hall,...yet it's a death machine. It's hygienic but is actually meant to dispose of human lives as they are deemed unworthy. #EndTheDeathPenalty #HelpSaveCorey #CoreyJohnson @BOPCareers

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Prison bureau people just emerged and said we could safely leave for 45 minutes if we wanted. They expect no updates for at least that long.

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You deserve more followers, @bernard_willams and the law firm @rshc_llp that helped you out of hell, too. You are a testament to what we have known for too long: that the #Justice system in the #USA is rotten to its core: rigged, corrupt, revenge-oriented. #HelpSaveCorey

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I know there's a lot going on right now, but please don't let Corey Johnson & Dustin Higgs out of your mind. They are both scheduled to be executed today & tomorrow. See this thread about actions you can take to stand up to this. #SaveDustinHiggs #SaveCoreyJohnson

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When Warden TJ Watson and his team will go home after having committed state-sponsored homicide against #SaveCoreyJohnson, I wonder what aspect of that particular "job" was rewarding to them. I really would like to know. @BOPCareers #TerreHaute #enddeathpenalty #HelpSaveCorey

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⚠️⚠️⚠️STOP SCROLLING⚠️⚠️⚠️ AND RT⚠️⚠️⚠️please sign and look at the links in this thread i made #helpsavecorey #SaveDustinHiggs #SaveCoreyJohnson

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There is absolutely no reason for any of these executions except the cruelty of the current administration and SCOTUS. This is sickening, infuriating and inhumane! #SaveDustinHiggs #HelpSaveCorey

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Killing Corey Johnson & Dustin Higgs, 2 black men recovering from COVID & still have fluid in their lungs, will exasperate the torture of being murdered by lethal injection. This is NOT Justice. It is barbaric & cruel. #HelpSaveCorey #SaveDustinHiggs #StopTheExecutions

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The government is about to execute 2 men recovering from COVID. Their stays for the execution have been overturned & they are both about to be executed today & tomorrow.
This is NOT justice, this is torture. See article in comments.
#SaveDustinHiggs #HelpSaveCorey

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On pulmonary edema: "The caustic nature of pentobarbital is responsible. ...After it's injected into the veins, it burns membranes in the lungs that separate blood carrying oxygen from the air sacs that collect that oxygen, thereby causing the accumulation of fluid in the lungs."

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heyo, dustin higgs and corey johnson are still set to be executed as trump is a dick. be sure to check out the resources in the thread as hey, we gotta do smth cause the death penalty is morally wrong

#SaveDustinHiggs #HelpSaveCorey

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@baltimoresun #DustinHiggs and #HelpSaveCorey who is being executed today!

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#HelpSaveCorey who is scheduled to be executed TODAY.

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“But what then is capital punishment but the most premeditated of murders, to which no criminal's deed, however calculated it may be, can be compared?”Albert Camus #AbolishTheDeathPenalty #RIPLisa #RIPBrandon #HelpSaveCorey #SaveDustinHiggs @anewworldcoming @cnocbeag @KarineOmry

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Cruel and unusual. #HelpSaveCorey

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The executions are NOT over. Corey Johnson, a man with intellectual disability, is scheduled to be executed TODAY. Sign the petition! #HelpSaveCorey

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My heart is breaking that US judges are actively clearing the way to unnecessarily torture prisoners. Unconscionable. #HelpSaveCorey #SaveDustinHiggs

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@ebruenig I wish but after standing outside the prison as both #BrandonBernard and #LisaMontgomery were executed I’ve learned there is no hope in these courts or this President. No one has survived a date with death yet, and I’m heartbroken to say it’s highly unlikely #CoreyJohnson will.

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I wrote about Dustin Higgs, who is scheduled to die tomorrow. Since the piece went up this morning, one of the barriers to his execution--a delay ordered by a judge based on the fact that he is still recovering from Covid--has been removed.

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Trump admin won appeal to proceed w today's execution of Corey Johnson & tomorrow's of Dustin Higgs — even tho both have COVID.

2 Trump-appointed judges said only "competing expert testimony" on whether COVID would make lethal injection more painful.

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Thank you to these 2 bishops for speaking out. Please, fellow Catholics, speak out, your voice is important in the effort to #HelpSaveCorey today and #DustinHiggs tomorrow!!!

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2 U.S. bishops urge Donald Trump to halt remaining executions. @Newsweek @alexandagarrett @USCCB @CMNEndtheDP @DPInfoCtr #deathpenalty

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@michtraxy @jettica65 @Attika_t @ACLU @LauraMiers @KarineOmry @SusanSarandon No one forced you to read about Corey's crime. That was your free will. Corey is a human being who has a right to life no matter what he did. He has been paying for his crime for the past 29 years in solitary confinement with not one visitor, no hope. May God change your heart.

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"she had a calendar marking Inauguration Day — Joe Biden promised to end the death penalty.

there were only 7 days left in her countdown."

Please #HelpSaveCorey and #SaveDustinHiggs

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@michtraxy @jettica65 @ACLU @LauraMiers @KarineOmry @SusanSarandon Hello... Corey Johnson is a man with intellectual disability...Not eligible for the death penalty... And the death penalty is not justice, just...In all cases...

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TW // execution

The death penalty must & NEEDS be abolished, but it is particularly
inhumane in the case of Corey Johnson. Corey is intellectually
disabled & unable to comprehend why he is being executed. Sign:

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@natematters @wishbumpycoulda @AdultJusticeCAP @UzoAduba @TGod62 @JohnArchibald @aFuller02 @audreyassad @SpeedyVeez @fox60Pa @hannahkauthor @Keri27008714 @keepit10008 @mr_darden #HelpSaveCorey

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Despite Multiple Judicial Stays, On Tuesday Night The U.S. Supreme Court Cleared The Way For #LisaMontgomery To Be Executed. She Died At 1:31 A.M. Eastern. @WitnessLA @DeathPenaltyWW @DPInfoCtr #deathpenalty

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@mollyma53358211 @beIIaa_ Agreed wholeheartedly! If anyone wants to take action for them, savedustinhiggs on Instagram has a bunch of information and graphics on the case, and I've compiled relevant links at and . #SaveDustinHiggs #HelpSaveCorey

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What has the Trump administration prepared for its grand finale?
2 executions - today and tomorrow
2 Black men (both of them are recovering from Covid)
1 who is intellectually disabled - Corey Johnson
1 who didn't kill anyone - Dustin Higgs

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The Trump administration executed Lisa Montgomery early Wednesday morning, marking the first federal execution of a woman in 68 years

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Today we murdered a woman who was abused and raped her entire childhood and adolescence, while facing extreme poverty and living with brain damage. Her name was Lisa Montgomery. We must abolish the death penalty.

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Please Join our tweet storm in the fight for Corey Johnson’s life. He’s scheduled to be executed tomorrow!

Tweet: #HelpSaveCorey

Sign the Petition:

Share his story! Don’t let him be forgotten!


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The EU deeply regrets the federal execution in the US of the 1st woman in almost 70 years.

We will spare no effort in working toward abolishing the death penalty worldwide. Full statement ➡️ #AbolishDeathPenalty #EU4HumanRights #LisaMontgomery @ExtSpoxEU

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HAPPENING TODAY! Join our Twitter storm between noon and 2 pm EST. #CoreyJohnson is scheduled to be executed by the Trump administration tomorrow. We can't remain silent, together we can #HelpSaveCorey!
@shaunking @ACLU @TheCollectiveD1 @DeathPenaltyAct

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Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, was executed at 1:31 am this morning. she had a calendar marking Inauguration Day — Joe Biden promised to end the death penalty.

there were only 7 days left in her countdown.

new for @19thnews:

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#helping the wrongfully convicted! Former Chicago det.Kriston kato (google him) framed me for murder at17 and now even though I’m free my record is blimished! I can’t get employment and the court’s closers is preventing me from clearing my name.

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