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Impeachment de Bolsonaro é possível? Entenda o que há de concreto

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BREAKING: GOP declares law and order unconstitutional #ImpeachmentDay

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#Democrats will struggle to convict #PresidentTrump without a closed door vote. 45 #GOPSenators is a whopping margin who believe it is unconstitutional to oust a former #President. #Constitution #ImpeachmentDay

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5 @SenateGOP Senators voted not to dismiss the impeachment trial of President Trump: @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski, @BenSasse & @PatToomey! They voted with all 50 Democratic Senators to table the point of order. These fuckers ALL Go!! 🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏

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>@EstadaoPolitica Líderes religiosos protocolam novo pedido de impeachment de Bolsonaro

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Imagine what a mockery of justice and display of cowardice this would be if the @GOP had actually held on to the senate. #ImpeachmentDay

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#ImpeachmentDay Maybe we should get rid of the insurrectionist instigators in the Senate first before Trump's Indictment.

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<>, after his speech on the Sen are floor I thought there was a chance McConnell was offended enough to do the right thing on the Trump impeachment. My bad.

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Can anyone explain to me how Senators who vote that the trial is unconstitutional can be impartial jurors in a trial they already disagree with?

This whole process is 💩. 🤦🏻‍♂️
#impeachment #ImpeachAndConvict #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachTrump

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@briantylercohen So we negotiate with hostages? Theses people can’t vote until the person threatening them is removed. How would this be permitted under any other circumstance?
Release the hostages arrest the perpetrators then allow victims to vote.

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@axios 🗣️ GOt daaaYUM-it! It's #Shameful that the #LawlessPOTUS'
#Sycophants #GOPSeditiousTraitors aNd the rest of the #JimCrowCaucus have #forgotten their #oath to the #US #Constitution

#SeditionHasConsequences #TrumpCoupAttempt



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so, here's an idea @SenateDems: make a motion to propose an anonymous/silent vote on conviction. @SenateGOP & sycophant-prune face-bad-haired @RandPaul used their hail mary so why not?🤷🏻‍♂️ #impeachment #ImpeachmentDay

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🚨 El Senado acaba de votar la cuestión de orden constitucional presentada por @RandPaul

45 senadores coinciden en que la farsa de “juicio” es inconstitucional, más de los necesarios para absolver y eventualmente terminar el proceso.

El impeachment llega muerto al Senado.

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Seriously. #ImpeachmentDay Blount expulsion on 8 Jul 1797

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So a President can essentially set the building on fire like Milton in 'Office Space' as he gets ready to leave?

Even though they have a video of him telling Peter he's going to burn it down, there's the video of it, and Peter sees him get away?



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This is all about #control
#Gaslighting #thegreatreset #fear #manipulation #CorruptDemocrats #Schumer #Pelosi #biden #senate #dirtypolitics #TDS #scamdemic2020 #SCAMDEMIC2021 #ImpeachmentDay #TheyreLaughingAtUs
We need

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Trump #ImpeachmentDay trial delayed to week of Feb. 8.

We CANNOT forget about this.

We CANNOT take our foot off the gas.

We MUST keep pressure on the R’s.

If you’re in a red state, your voice is critical.

No distractions.

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@SenRickScott @ABlinken @StateDept How are you feeling about being a fair and impartial juror? #takeitseriously #ImpeachmentDay #DomesticTerrorism isn’t negotiable. You need to read the #Constitution and your oath to it

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Watching the impeachment trial on C-SPAN. If you think about it, the fact that 100 of our elected leaders are wearing masks 14 months after a virus first entered our country should tell you everything you need to know about who's in charge and what the agenda is. #impeachment

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Finalmente alguém falando o óbvio: “Usa Deus de forma desonesta”
Padres e pastores pedem impeachment de Bolsonaro

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Republican Senators should fight with all their might to protect Trump over America and make the president Above The Law.
Trump is all powerful and will reward you greatly.

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My advice to @SenSchumer is to give up the cheesecakes for the next 2 years and bring a legislative baseball bat to the senate floor.

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We are back to our reality TV #keepingupwithTrump in the US Senate #TrumpSeriesFinale #ImpeachmentDay

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Charged as firmer official according to USA laws.😎 #ImpeachmentDay

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Hah @RandPaul was just told to sit down. DENIED. #ImpeachmentDay

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This cannot be shared enough. #ImpeachmentDay needs to read this evidence.

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Someone call #RandPaul neighbor. He's acting like a douchbag again.

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We all know Rand Paul isn’t a Doctor which he actually went to school for but he isn’t a lawyer or a legislator which he clearly has never even bothered to study. #ImpeachmentDay

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Republicans wamerusha mawe 😁

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Interesting how almost every senator laid the nonsigning hand on the same spot on the same page to sign with the other hand, after having been given a separate pen to avoid, I presume, spreading germs. #ImpeachmentDay

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Rand Paul wasting everyone's time as usual

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seria necessário um consumo de 14.424 caixas de doce de leite/dia

não precisa desenhar que isso aqui foi mais q uma pedalada

#ImpeachmentDeBolsonaroUrgente #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentSalvaVidas

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Democrats: Vote your Conscience.

Republicans: Vote that Con Shit.

#ConvictTrump #ImpeachAndConvict #ImpeachmentDay #Insurrection #BigLie

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Breaking WaPo: The commander of the D.C. National Guard said the Pentagon restricted his authority ahead of the riot at the U.S. Capitol, requiring higher level sign-off to respond that cost time as the events that day spiraled out of control.

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CONFIRMED: This is real

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Watch @RepRaskin read the entire six minute, 42 second long Article of Impeachment against Donald John Trump in the well of the Senate on live national television as the lead impeachment manager.

The historic second impeachment trial has begun.


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So much history (and 197 @HouseGOP skipped #AmericanHistory class and it shows)! @maddow PLEASE find and interview Buckner F. Melton Jr. about #impeachment, precedent, and what history has (and hasn't!) demonstrated at moments of crisis.

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