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I got my money’s worth. #MUYearInReview

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Marvel: RT @MarvelUnlimited: We crunched some numbers! Here’s what you were all reading on #MarvelUnlimited last year. 📚📲 #MUYearInReview

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Hey Luke I guess I love ya and didn’t realize it! #MUYearinReview

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oh, really? wouldn’t’ve guessed that... #MUYearinReview

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@MarvelUnlimited Not sure the time is correct because then it means I spend 12 hours per comic 🤣 The amount of books sounds right though! This app is without a doubt my favorite and has led to me reading basically every book @Marvel publishes #MUYearInReview

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This is kinda wild since I spent way more time reading physical books. But I guess I did quite a bit of digital too 🤷‍♂️ #MUYearinReview

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We crunched some numbers! Here’s what you were all reading on #MarvelUnlimited last year. 📚📲 #MUYearInReview

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Last presentation of the day from Sheree Yeates & Ranju Upadhyay @library_MU on 3D printing. They’ve printed some dragons as an example, in honour of #GoT #MUYearInReview

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And that witchcraft reference? Emma Doran, Special Collections & Archives @tumbling_tomes talks about embedding @library_MU witchcraft collection into relevant modules in @MaynoothHist #MUYearInReview

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.@cathalmccauley is back to talk to us about @IFLA Australia meeting, including really impressive data visualisation examples including visual representations of live catalogue searches @library_MU #MUYearInReview

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Hats off to Deputy Librarian @helenfallon for exemplary time-keeping! ⏰ @BernieTGardiner has just been reminded she has 28 seconds remaining! #MUYearInReview

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Really interesting point made by @BernieTGardiner about lack of diversity, ethnic & gender, in libraries @library_MU #MUYearInReview

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One of @library_MU loveliest people @BernieTGardiner brings us to coffee break in our #MUYearInReview talking about attending @UKSG Annual Conference as winner of a bursary to attend

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From my own team, Helen Farrell, Academic Engagement Librarian, @consultantlibra talks about working on a systematic review - the good, the bad & the ugly! #MUYearInReview @library_MU

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Lots of new IReL developments @library_MU - new staff, new library website, new consortium management software & @hylanjac telling us about the IReL Review around future options & value for money #MUYearInReview

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Days like this are so valuable. Even areas of work I thought I was familiar with, I’m finding out new information. 10 mins with a max of 10 slides is a great way of keeping everything succinct! #MUYearInReview @library_MU

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Special Collections & Archives Librarian, Barbara McCormack talks about research visit to University of Toronto @UofT. Lots of shared experiences & learning in a short trip @library_MU #MUYearInReview

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Now @hughtweet and Barbara McCormack showing their holiday photos ... no, actually a key research visit to Quinipiac University, Yale University & University of Toronto, as part of our strategic partnerships #MUYearInReview

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Whatever!! (; RT @iAmApe06: #MUyearinreview when Lincoln came all our parties got shut down.....all of em

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basically lol “@iAmApe06: #MUyearinreview campus lodge building 9 was the projects”

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Replying to @I_amJHOP: #MUyearinreview ignorance factor in black students rose 60%

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Dead RT @Uh_UhRudeness: RT @iAmApe06: #MUyearinreview Drew finally graduated.

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#MUyearinreview ignorance factor in black students rose 60%

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Replying to @iAmApe06: #MUyearinreview Big XII weekend cracked. Friday-Sunday

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Replying to @iAmApe06: #MUyearinreview we was all snowed in with 22 inches of snow. #epic

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