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At the onset of the #COVID19 pandemic, U.S. state lawmakers exploited the health crisis to restrict abortion access. The devastation caused by these bans is what a world without #RoevWade might look like. Learn more via @TheNation.

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Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth by sharing some of my favorites, like @Kitkolbert who argued the landmark @PPFA v Casey #SCOTUS case credited with saving #roevwade in '92. Her new book is available for pre-order!

Pictured here with legend @mariecwilson!

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Today we are sharing another classic from New Day Founder Amalie R Rothschild. Released in 1972, "It Happens to Us" remains the classic plea for a woman's #RightToChoose & people what life was like before #RoevWade 1973 #SupremeCourt decision #WHM

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South Carolina is the latest state to put tough restrictions on abortion access. @johnyangtv of @NewsHour speaks with @maryrziegler, author of ABORTION AND THE LAW IN AMERICA, on what these means for the future of #RoevWade.

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Every 89 seconds, an unborn child is killed in the womb in the United States. You can request a local screening of the movie by visiting their web site,


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Liberty RoundTable on LLRN:
After 48 Years, the Untold Story of Roe v. Wade Arrives on the Big Screen - The name of the movie is "Roe v. Wade". It will be released on April 2 on Amazon Prime and iTunes. - .


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After 48 Years, the Untold Story of Roe v. Wade Arrives on the Big Screen - The name of the movie is "Roe v. Wade". It will be released on April 2 on Amazon Prime and iTunes. - .


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No se pierdan mi entrevista a @NickLoeb hoy en @sueltalasopatv sobre su peli #RoeVWade y los embriones que tiene con #SofiaVergara @ Orlando, Florida

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An extreme #SouthCarolina 6-week abortion ban is only the latest attempt to undermine #RoevWade. The Center’s Chief Counsel for State Policy & Advocacy, Elisabeth Smith, spoke with @mic about the new threats to abortion access. Read her full interview:

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Roe v Wade - Newsweek Exclusive!
"Roe v. Wade," which tells the inside story of the monumental Supreme Court case that legalized abortion premiered last week to a sold-out crowd of Conservatives at CPAC.
#roevwademovie #roevwade #prolife #SCOTUS #rvw

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@thomaslhorrocks @BellerAmanda The #GOP is #prolife only to get #votes. In a 2001 interview with #KatieCouric, #LauraBush said "I don't think #RoeVWade should be overturned" & that "George is on the same page" & her husband served a total eight years in the #WhiteHouse. And #KayGranger is #prochoice too.

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MyPillow guy Mike Lindell has an acting turn in the upcoming movie "Roe v. Wade," an anti-abortion film financed by Sofia Vergara's ex-boyfriend and starring Jamie Kennedy. The movie's IMDB page lists Lindell as playing "News Anchor."

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#SouthCarolina’s extreme 6-week abortion ban is a preview of what could happen across the U.S. if #RoevWade were to fall. That is why Congress must pass legislation like the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect abortion access beyond Roe.

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Walking the red carpet for our film @RoevWadeMovie Can’t wait for all of you to see it—it’s so unique & tells the true story behind #RoeVWade Starring @jonvoight & so many other talents, directed by @NickLoeb @CPAC #producer #blessed #lifeisbeautiful

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Attended the movie premiere of #RoeVWade yesterday - Wow! 🤔


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This is Manchin.
He's not a true D.

Anti-abortion group launches campaign thanking Manchin over filibuster - WV MetroNews

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Most of the funding for "Roe v. Wade" movie is from a "pro-choice advocate"

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Excellent article in @THR 👏🏻👏🏻 Do you know the true story behind the historic 1973 court case #RoevWade ? Our film has its worldwide premiere tonight🎥🎞⭐️✨🎥🎞 @RoevWadeMovie @CPAC @NickLoeb

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#roevwade 🗽


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The long-awaited “Roe v. Wade” film, which tells the backstory behind the infamous U.S. Supreme Court abortion ruling, is coming out in April.

#roevwade #abortion #prolife

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Tomorrow the long-awaited “Roe v. Wade” film will premiere at #CPAC2021.

Project 21's @AlvedaCKing, a #ProLife leader and #MLK's niece, is an executive producer and has a cameo in the film.

@micaiah157 #CPAC #RoeVWade #Roe

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Bill sponsor Rep. Fischer says there is no constitutional right to abortion care based on the US or KY Constitutions. The Supreme Court might disagree about one of those. #KYGA21 #HB91 #RoeVWade

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#RoevWade, co-written and co-directed by @NickLoeb and Cathy Allyn, is set to premiere at the @CPAC Feb. 28.

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@RepMTG @RepMarieNewman Presumably MTG will now ensure that #RoeVWade would not be overturned as it's a woman's right to services such as abortion.

Who ever knew she was such a Progressive?

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"3 years after Roe v. Wade made abortion legal, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, essentially making abortion care inaccessible & repro rights meaningless for millions in this country who rely on publicly funded insurance." #BeBoldEndHyde #RoeVWade

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To anyone in Arkansas or anywhere abortion is unavailable and in need of an abortion Aid Access and Women on waves is always an option! There are people who will help you and you should always have a choice. #prochoice #women #roevwade #Arkansas

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📣 New Podcast! "Episode 1245 - Judicial Review? No. Nullification" on @Spreaker #billofrights #demoniacresistance #incorporationdoctrine #judicialsupremacy #nullification #nullification2021 #roevwade #statesrights

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Live on the air now! The flood of cases intended to get the #SupremeCourt to overturn #RoeVWade and what is wrong with commercial #surrogacy, just legalized in New York. Plus the worldwide #feminist news #liberation #women #Equality

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Today at 9 pm EST: There's a flood of anti- #abortion cases currently heading toward the #SupremeCourt in hopes that one of them will be the case that leads to the overturning of #RoeVWade. Activist-attorney Jessica Mason Pieklo of @RewireNewsGroup discusses what we can expect.

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@thehill Then there needs to be a law mandating vasectomies for all men. It takes two to tango. Why is biology so difficult for these "senators"? #Arkansas #ArkansasAbort #RoeVWade #ArkansasRightsRape #SnipSnipBoysYourTurn

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354,871 lives were ended inside of Planned Parenthood in 2019.

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