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#OutpostTrivialPursuit What actor/actress from #TheOutpost had a role in Pirate's of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies? @OutpostLadies

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Ab dem 28. Januar 2021 erscheint das Kriegsdrama #TheOutpost - Überleben ist alles fürs Heimkino. Wir verlosen eine DVD und eine Blu-ray. #Gewinnspiel

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Ok! Halfway through #TheOutpost s3 & same good writing, excellent stunts, & gorgeous cinematography. The actors keep getting better in their roles & seems like the American's accents have improved. Cool how kinge(sp?) have come into prominence.
@JakeStormoen @ANANDDB #tv #fantasy

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@SueDaniels3b @OutpostLadies Somehow, the new series of "All Creatures Great and Small" doesn't feel the same as a new episode of #TheOutpost Just not the same.

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You know what we need? We need a bloopers reel for #TheOutpost. Just throwing that out to the Universe. @dougpasko @OutpostLadies

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This is #Garret's second reverence. The first one was headed to #Talon in the first episodes of Season 1. Didn't this scene bring you nostalgia, #Blackbloods? #TheOutpost #TheOutpostseries #GarretSpears #Gwynn @JakeStormoen #ImogenWaterhouse #Gwyrret

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Move! Garzan to the rescue! Kiddings away, that was a fantastic stunt, Captain Spears!👏👏👏 I suppose the word "fear to the highs" isn't familiar to you, isn't @JakeStormoen?😂 #TheOutpost #TheOutpostseries #Garret #GarretSpears #Blackbloods #Janzo #Warlita

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A guided tour of the underworld. There're only deadly kinjs, fire worms, ash showers, earthquakes and also our tour guide is schizophrenic... what could go wrong?😂 #TheOutpost #TheOutpostseries #Talon #JessicaGreen #Zed #Corven #Wren

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It was heartbreaking how #Janzo denied #Muntthemagnificent entry to #TheOutpost. However, I don't know if #Munt at that time was just being Munt, or was #Yavalla who was speaking instead of him...🤔 #TheOutpostseries

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I'm really hoping to see lots more amazing fight choreography in #theoutpost s4 these 3 are seriously kickass fighters and their skills are fantastic to see on screen. @outpostseries @OutpostLadies

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Definitely that type of Sunday to watch this little gem #theoutpost @outpostseries @OutpostLadies

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¿Con qué pareja de #TheOutpost te quedas?

🔄 Tobin y Falista.
❤️ Tobin y Gwynn.

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@rtddWill I always saw #TheOutpost fandom as a bit of an asylum, but like in a good way of course. But now when I think about twitter is kinda like that as well. So......I'll swop you 2 purples and a red one for a blue and a green one.

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When Garret admits he’s one of only a handful of SURVIVING soldiers with his level of training, does he realize that it doesn’t speaking terribly highly of that level of training? I think not! @OutpostLadies #TheOutpost

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And then when he was “dead” the poor kid goes “but he was just trying to protect his queen”. Guess his knight worship is safe and sound. #theoutpost

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Doing a season 3 watch with the husband and had to explain to the toddler that @JakeStormoen is still the good guy after he stabbed the #blackblood. We almost lost a knight fan. 😂 #theoutpost

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The Outpost
"Go Ahead and Run" (3.7)

@TheCW @outpostseries #TheOutpost #TVtime #awesome #brilliant

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This is from Dean Devlin’s Twitter. #TheOutpost

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@Larke98 @OutpostLadies @JakeStormoen My guess is that it was Norwegian since the lady said, “ Nei “ which means “No.” I also know that Jake is fluent in the language. I could be wrong. #TheOutpost

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3.13 was the Season 3 Finale. The next 13 episodes are considered Season 4. #TheOutpost

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“There is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it; if only we're brave enough to be it.” #TheOutpost

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@jschafermusic this piece of music in these scenes i have heard a few times and was wondering if these are on the new album? The garrett/gywnn piece is one of my favourite #theoutpost

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Finally watching #TheOutpost season 3 & it's very good!
Only 3 eps in but love the additional screen time Munt @AdamJohnsonTime has. Janzo @ANANDDB is just as hilarious as ever. & Garret @JakeStormoen gets shirtless.
But why is the symbol from the Never-ending Story in it? 🤔

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Damn I wanted to do it long time ago but it didn't work out #TheOutpost

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Not sure I'll watch #TheOutpost without Gywnn. I think the relationship between her and Talon was the best one on the show. Without it I'm not sure it's worth watching anymore. And she didn't even tell Talon she loved her (even platonically) before she died. ☹️

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I loved #theoutpost fantasy #series! 👏 Waiting for the new season 4!

#Talon #CW

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One of my favorite performances of the year in my favorite movie of the year by one of my favorite writer/directors ever. @RodLurie #TheOutpost #Oscars2021

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Gonna go to watch #prodigalson and #theoutpost cause real life is a big shit and I prefer good men in the little screen.

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💥😧 Die #Hollywoodstars #OrlandoBloom, #ScottEastwood und #CalebLandryJones auf US-Miitär-Außenposten in Afghanistan! 😧💥
#TheOutpost - jetzt bei uns:

@TheOutpostMovie @ScottEastwood @EuViFilm #videociety

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I just picked something up from ep3. The kinj Yavhalla gets from the snake is yellow & the clone kinjes are also yellow. So did the snake give her actually a clone? Why did it turn white when it split? What does this mean?? Another editing mistake? Some significance? #TheOutpost

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Well #blackbloods. There you go. I can't do anything more than show you the way. Can't make you do anything....but you should follow the page😊♥ #TheOutpost #TheOutpostSeries @OutpostLadies

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'I was light-headed from near suffocation' sure Wren, and I'm actually Talon in human form. #TheOutpost #TheOutpostSeries @OutpostLadies

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Hey #Blackbloods, if you want more @outpostseries, join and follow our #outpost fanpage/groups on Facebook!!💕🖤⚔💚

#OutpostSeries #outpost #fanpage #facebook

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Our thoughts on the mid-season finale of #TheOutpost on The CW

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