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Although the day was largely quiet, there were a few armed protestors who made an appearance today at the Georgia Capitol building (📸 on assignment for @GettyImages) #gapol

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@mtgreenee can't direct her minions this critical week. #Schadenfreude #gapol
@gagop is weak.

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Twitter suspended Congresswoman Greene for calling out the de facto @GaSecofState Gabriel Sterling on many fronts and apparently neither he nor the Twitter basement bros could handle it so her account went bye bye and it’s quite petty but quite hilarious at the same time🤣 #gapol

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Journalists and #gapol folks who now believe the echo chambers of MAGA media need to be countered can't simply revert to the pre-Trump way of doing things.

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The line between a state-run public broadcaster and state media is hard to discern with GPB, and when #gapol and its legacy media cover up for each other it feeds President Trump’s narrative of deep states and co-dependent media, his supporters can reject outright.

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The post Trump #gapol era is trying to find its footing, as this Bill Torpy @ajc column about State Senator Brandon Beach @BeachforGA shows in multiple ways.

OPINION: When a Regular Republican goes all StoptheSteal

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That would have equalled 225 $2,000 stimulus checks for people in her county ( #FloydCounty). Or 750 $600 checks.

Notice how these people consistently vote against helping average Americans, but always use government programs to help themselves to an extra-large helping. #GApol

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Despite national warnings of armed protests at state capitols in every state, the scene in Georgia was quiet over the weekend. #gapol

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AKA "Evidence". ‘I Answered the Call of My President’: Rioters Say Trump Urged Them On #gapol

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Live look at me after #SOTS2021. #gapol

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Current scene at the Georgia State Capitol as the National Guard and Ga State Patrol are guarding the Capitol to prevent further armed insurrection. #Gapol. #TrumpTreason

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YES! 👏🏼


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Someone didn’t mind the streets around Capitol Square in Atlanta being blocked off for potential protests . @wsbtv

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@GovKemp⁩ - If you have a spotty supply chain of vaccine, be frustrated Trump and ⁦@SecAzar⁩ won’t give you enough vaccine to guarantee both doses. Not that hospitals will care for their patients by guaranteeing both doses. #gapol

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... And she’s already fundraising off the suspension #gapol

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Dear @CongressmanHice & @Clyde4Congress, Stop lying about Voter Fraud and embarrassing Georgia with your RACIST and SEDITIOUS words and actions. Just freaking STOP!! We will hold you accountable! #TCKP #CorruptAndComplicitGOP #gapol

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Buckhead cityhood study group launches; to hold Jan. 20 town hall #atlpol #gapol

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Stream live at 5 pm ET #gapol

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Sun.@NewsHour Weekend w/@hari: inauguration security w/ @cgbooker in PA; @WOSU's @karenkasler; @freep's @Dave_Boucher1; @rickeybevington @gpbnews; @MoriRothman with @OPB's @MrOlmos & @Yamiche & @greenfield64 on presidential transition. Live at 5pm/ET or check local listings.

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Left vs. Right Libertarianism gets us nowhere. Libertarianism is about principle not the language you speak. All are welcome who seek the end of coercion as a means to an end.

#gapol #libertarian @LPGeorgia @LPNational

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#gapol #gasen #georgia #atlanta #columbus #savvannah #macon #marietta Liars should NOT serve in Congress

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The drop off in GOP turnout from Nov to Jan was driven by Trump and most prominently in areas represented by Doug Collins and Marjorie Taylor Greene. These folks cost the GOP two senate seats and control of the Senate. Giving Biden and Dems a free hand. #gapol

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Retweet if you’re old enough to remember when Lindsey Graham called the GA Secretary of State and urged him to throw out valid ballots.

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Read up #gapol. If you are blaming trump for the senate seat losses you are in denial. YOU didn’t fight for election integrity and THAT is why the conservative turnout was low. Why should we support ppl that won’t fight for us? You put your wants/needs before us. @flemingbarrya

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If you missed it, this accurate analysis by @GabrielSterling is what triggered @mtgreenee to go off the rails in a series of tweets so accurate they rivaled those of the noted government insider & stickler for honesty known as Q. #gapol @TheRickWilson @ProjectLincoln @BrianKempGA

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“Public health has already been operating in a position where they don’t have enough resources — even prior to the pandemic.” #gapol

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The middle of a pandemic is possibly the worst time to eliminate unbiased info about health insurance and allow brokers to steer people towards skimpy health coverage. Especially for people who may be dealing with new pre-existing conditions after contracting COVID. #gapol

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@bluestein How in the world did that congressional district elect this lady? What an embarrassment for the Republican Party and our state. Let’s hope she is only a one termer....... #gapol

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Sound familiar? Another target was labor unions. Amway and Prince Corp had no use for them. The family waged a public fight. After Dick DeVos LOST governor of MI in 2006, he blamed his defeat, in part, on Michigan’s unions and began to push for a right-to-work law. #GAsen #GApol

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Won’t be surprised if this is extended ... #gapol

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We continue to make measurable progress in the fight to vaccinate Georgians throughout our great state. With your continued help, we will stop the spread and build a safer, stronger, and healthier Georgia. #gapol

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Twitter has suspended the account of Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for 12 hours, for repeatedly tweeting election misinformation, the company tells @donie. (She tweets a lot of wildly inaccurate stuff about the election and other subjects.)

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When it comes to innovative reforms in health care, Georgia is leading the nation. The status quo is unacceptable, and I’ll stay in the fight to make quality health insurance accessible - for the first time - to thousands and affordable for millions more.

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@mister_cstewart Hi, you can read this thread from @mtgreenee here: #gapol

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Our office will be closed tomorrow as we honor the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We encourage all Georgians to take time tomorrow to reflect on the work of Dr. King, and we look forward to returning to our work at the Department on Tuesday. #gapol

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon-loving, mask-refusing congresswoman, was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours, she announced in a statement.

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@DavidBegnaud And even more about her:

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Twitter has suspended QAnon extremist Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from Twitter for 12 hours

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Six months ago we lost a true patriot and humanitarian, Congressman John Lewis.

The domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol reminded me that now more than ever, we must heed his call for every generation to do its part to build the "Beloved Community" he envisioned.

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Twitter has suspended Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, according to her office. She is a representative from Georgia, who has, in the past, made statements in support of QAnon. (H/t: @ReporterCioffi)

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Just in: Twitter suspends House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene for 12 hours.

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As America secularizes, Evangelicalism is increasingly southern Evangelicalism. It’s the population center. The power center. The culture center. And it helps explain some of the ungodly rage we see. It’s the southern culture leaking out. My Sunday essay:

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When President Trump held a rally for corrupt GA Republicans, the entire crowd chanted "fight for Trump!"

...but the collapse of the sellout GOP is Trump's fault.

Great thread by Alex...


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The drop off in GOP turnout from Nov to Jan was driven by Trump and most prominently in areas represented by Doug Collins and Marjorie Taylor Greene. These folks cost the GOP two senate seats and control of the Senate. Giving Biden and Dems a free hand. #gapol

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