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He’s running (again) ... #gasen

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Broke: Georgia runoff takes
Woke: 2022 #GASen takes
Bespoke: 2026 GA Sen takes

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Hey @Clyde4Congress! Not "retribution", rather ACCOUNTABILITY! We need you to represent ALL of GA 9, not just those who look like you. UmKay? Thanks! #TCKP #gapol #gasen "Trump impeached again!"

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NEW 2026 FEC F2
T. Jonathan Ossoff (DEM)
#GASEN (D-Ossoff)

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Georgia had thousands of ballots challenged in the Senate runoff elections. Most of those challenges were rejected, so most of the ballots were actually okay, elections officials say #gapol #gasen #voting

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Georgia counties have until the close of business this afternoon to certify their results from last week's #GASen runoffs. All but 17 counties have already done so.

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Story of the lost #GASen runoffs: Why vote?

The "system" still used mail-in ballads and the same corruptible voting machines. Unless election integrity
is established expect the breakup of the country at best.

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Story of the lost #GASen runoffs: Decreased GOP turnout

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems

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JUST IN: “Strong evidence” suggests that Capitol rioters intended to capture and assassinate members of Congress, a court filing in the case of one of the accused rioters says.

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@francvs Hello, the unroll you asked for: ICYMI: half a million Republicans stayed home in #GASen runoff. … Important… Talk to you soon. 🤖

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To all of those who said Republicans should stay home and not vote in the #GASen runoff, because they were pissed off that Joe Biden carried Georgia, you got your wish . . . and a Democratic Senate majority.

Do your faces hurt from where you cut off your noses?

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems

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Club For Growth Action

Richard Uihlein - Founder and CEO of shipping supplies manufacturer Uline

Jeffrey S Yass - Managing Director, Susquehanna International Group, LLP; libertarian

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Time and time again, both @Perduesenate and @KLoeffler said: "If we vote, we win."

Georgia is a red state when Republicans show up. #gapol #gasen

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Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. King
#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems

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GEORGIA ELECTION UPDATE: 131 of Georgia's 159 counties have reported certified results for the January 5th U.S. Senate and Public Service Commission runoffs.

Close of business today is the deadline for counties to report. #gapol #gasen

Latest results:

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Get the #FridayFeeling by listening to some #GASEN takeaways from @sam_rippon and @Chernyhansolo96 following their runoff elections! Also featuring a preview of the upcoming 🇩🇪 CDU leadership election and who the possible next Chancellor could be!

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Greene is the first open QAnon conspiracists to be elected to Congress, and is one of the the most adamant backers of Trump's election fraud claims.
She has also disputed the reality of the 9/11 terror attacks, and attacked the Black Lives Matter movement.
#GAsen #GApol

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Greene also cited Loeffler's support for Trump's groundless claims the election was stolen from him as a result of mass fraud.

“This is why you have to turn out tomorrow, right? We have to save America and stop socialism," said Greene. #GAsen #GApol

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“I love her," Trump said of Greene. "Come up here. Don't mess with her, don't mess with her." Taylor urged voters to back Loeffler because of the candidate's pledge to object to the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's win in a Senate vote on January 6. #GAsen #GApol

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Dallas, Ga. – GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia enthusiastically accepted an endorsement from Marjorie Taylor Greene, a congressional candidate who embraces QAnon conspiracy theories and espouses racist views in a series of online videos. #GAsen #GApol

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⚠️Ox-man Q-dolt may have been given encouragement to roam the Capitol. On a side note, he was spotted with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Loeffler Monday 1/4 in Dalton. We assumed they were all going to the second "Victory" rally that night. #GAsen #GApol #Georgia #2A @GaRepublicans

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I've been crunching the numbers on the 2021 #GASen runoffs to see just what went wrong for Republicans. Compared it to high profile runoffs in 1992, 2008, 2018.

I'll post more later, but I knew it was bad. After peeking "under the hood" it's clear it was a disaster.

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Martin Luther King: Legacy of 'I have a dream' speech becomes nightmare for Atlanta sports team owner

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The latest AZ News To Use! Thanks to @1happyMFr #gasen

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@ReverendWarnock @KLoeffler Ya'll know Warnock breaking this campaign promise absolutely guarantees he and Stacy Abrams both lose #GAsen #GAgov 2022?

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@RichardRubinDC but 4 some psycho reason @JoeBiden insists on including the @gop for the "good of the country" or something boomer like that. what was the point of #GASEN elections then? he's the totally wrong person for this moment. no reason to incorporate bad ideas from proven obstructionists

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@harrisonjaime @JoeBiden @TheDemocrats Uniter
Best wishes for our new rainmaker @DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

...to take Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina.

...the way Stacey Abrams took Georgia.

#gapol #gasen
#BlueWave 🌊 🌊 🌊

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Dems promised $2K checks (NOT topping off $600 checks to $2K) if they flipped #GASen.

Dems flipped #GASen, got functional majority in Senate.

So now, they crawfish back to $1,400 top off TO $2K, and spin it as "well, we got you to $2K, what's the issue?"


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Henry County is part of why Dems are on the upswing in GA. In his 2002 defeat, Sen. Max Cleland lost this suburban county by 26%. But the numbers were reversed in the #GASen runoffs thanks to a booming Black population. In 2000, Henry was 15% Black. Now? 48%. #ElectionTwitter

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ICYMI: half a million Republicans stayed home in #GASen runoff.

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👀👀👀👀 #gasen

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Still no definitive timing yet, but Ossoff & Warnock are likely to be sworn in next week — before the Senate impeachment trial #gapol #gasen

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Georgia Republicans be like... #TCKP #gapol #gasen

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"Lucky" 🙄
Georgian organizers have been putting in the hard work for over a decade. They powered through tough defeats, dismissive funders, and being told flipping GA was too unrealistic.
Attributing their dedication to "luck" is counterproductive and disrespectful #GApol #GAsen

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@GovKemp @BrianKempGA #gapol #gasen

How about holding the seditionist in chief accountable, finding him guilty and barring him from holding office ever again? And not spending any more of our tax dollars on his govt pension, Secret Service and $1M travel budget?

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By the time the impeachment trial gets underway in the Senate, Ossoff & Warnock should be in place.

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@GovKemp His close: "It’s time to put our differences aside. Put 2020 in the rearview. Let’s stand together as Georgians and clear the destruction caused by the storms of life. Let’s clear away the conspiracy theories and the division." #gapol

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Christ Jesus is trending

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Great to be in Ringgold today with @mtgreenee and a fired up crowd of Patriotic Georgians!

Now more than ever, we need outsiders and businesspeople in Washington who will FIGHT to protect the #2A, defend innocent life, and advance our conservative values! #gasen #gapol

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