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"One of the best ways to bring more men into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives starts with busting the zero-sum bias that disincentivizes male participation." Important reminder that #GenderEquality benefits everyone via @HarvardBiz

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@ClaireHeaney @elyasgarad @andre_byrne And to assume the man in the picture is guilty is also wrong #Feminism means #GenderBias not #GenderEquality

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How far have we come in 55 years?

#Equailty #GenderEquality #Diversity #Inclusion #Music #MusicBusiness #CountryMusic #Nashville

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Globally, the gender pay gap stands at 16 per cent, meaning women workers earn an average of 84 per cent of what men earn -

Break the cycle of the gender gap. Download the Zaphire app now🔽

#unequalpay #women #genderequality

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The events introduced students to the feminist movement and inspired many of them to start their own #GenderEquality campaigns.

We’re so inspired by her leadership and activism! ✨

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As the Founder of the Islamic Women’s Initiative for Justice, Law & Peace in Uganda and Equitas #IHRTP alumna, Mwanga Ashah tackles #genderequality and promotes the rights of Muslim women by identifying how their rights are recognized in the Quran: @ashahmm

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From Microaggressions To Mansplaining: Busting Biases In Venture Capital: via @Forbes #genderequality #factfriday

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.@CSIS has released a call to action for #WomensHealth & #GenderEquality. These issues need to be a focus of policies and programs to save lives, promote healthy communities and create a more prosperous world for all. #DevelopmentPolicy #ForeignPolicy

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Excited to take part in this conversation! The collective voice of men as advocates for #genderequality has been largely absent in the #peace and #security space. Looking forward to sharing our work with @davidgsmithphd @harvard_w3d

Sign up here:

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Worth many re-shares -- wins for #genderequality.

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Blessings of grace and peace be with you today and everyday.. Goodmorning TeamLeiLaCebu Family 🥰💚🏳️‍🌈
#TeamLeiLa #TeamLeiLaCebu #LoveWins #GenderEquality #RelationshipGoals #TeamSipatNgaSikat #TLCangels

-Admin Nice💚

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L’inégalité salariale en chiffres 👇

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Going strong and making a difference! #GenderEquality @UNDP @HaoliangXu

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Global Britain must mean leadership on #genderequality and action to address violence against women and girls.

This week I called on the Government to put local women’s rights organisations at the heart of its international policy.

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3/3 ... and new @NordenEN report, 'The angry Internet', on misogynistic online communities shows how derogatory language about/views on women are spreading to mainstream social platforms, with potential repercussions for #democracy+ #genderequality

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On Kota Day, we invite women-focused nonprofits and women entrepreneurs for female economic empowerment to join us!

Mark your calendars now, registration coming soon!

#TheKotaAlliance #KotaDay #KotaDay2021 #womensempowerment #femaleentrepreneur #genderequality

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Are you interested in staying up to date with #Diversity and #GenderEquality news? We cover the latest gender and human rights news in the UK.

Check out our news page:

And keep up to date, follow us and sign up for our newsletter:

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Very excited to be speaking at this next week! #genderequality #technology #FridayMotivation

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.@UNDP has been walking the talk on #GenderEquality for over a decade through our innovative #GenderSeal programme. Join us on 19 January at 8:30am EST as we celebrate the UNDP awardees making a difference in creating a more gender equal world. RSVP at:

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An excellent legislation to curb women's oppression.
#womenempowerment #GenderEquality #Pakistan

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#whatmenhastohear #menspeakout #notodiscrimination #feminism #genderequality #selflove #mentoocancry #gendersolidarity
Copyrighted : (c)JharnaFoundation2021

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#Podcast! New Episode: The Next Right Action for Gender Equality and Racial Equity in Tech
#GenderEquality #RacialEquality #Tech
#WhiteCollarBriefly #BlackVentureInstitute

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Abiding by the #SDGs is a no-brainer and business builder. #SDG5 speaks about #GenderEquality. Businesses that uphold #diversity & #inclusion grow their bottom lines because customers like it. See what @IFDA is doing in #foodservice. #restaurateurs

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Thank you, @melindagates , for consistently putting women at the forefront in all that you do. The movement to reach #GenderEquality is stronger than ever. Read her take on our global future here:

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@bmj_latest As a woman, mother & NHS worker I am Devastated to hear this news. Shrewsbury, Telford, now Bedford. Women deserve more! #genderequality 🙏🏻Clare Dyer for ‘Maternity care: services across England require “immediate and essential actions” @bmj_latest

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Traiterait-on un mec infectiologue de "Patrick Sébastien de la recherche" en espérant le réduire au silence ? Non, parce que c'est vraiment con ! Ah le sexisme... Langage ordurier de la dernière extrémité... What about #GenderEquality in this world ?

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In the last days we talked about Agenda 2030 goal number 5 #genderequality. We watched a speech by @EmmaWatson about the "HeForShe" campaign to the members of the UN. 📹 @orixebhi #CMWSOrixe @sdg2030 #SustainableDevelopmentGoals

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So glad to be part of @zappi_io where women's voices truly matter. #zappitobehere #mrx #genderequality

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Want to be a part of a growing and dynamic team advocating for #systemschange & #genderequality in education, health, & economic opportunity? Find out more about roles in Nairobi and India below:

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5 reasons why Canadians should (still) care about #GenderEquality.

A thread ⬇️

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In 2018, 1,954 studies were conducted on erectile dysfunction, whereas only 393 examined painful sex in women. Because sexual pleasure for men is so much more intriguing than sexual pain in women? #FeministFriday #ErectileDysfunction #SexualPain #GenderEquality #AcademicChatter

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Once upon a time there was a male Bhasmasur

Winds of change and liberalism of the society has now given us a Bhasmasurni , aka @nidhi from Harvard

Join me and congratulate her for this fantastic accomplishment


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Water means different things to different people. How does #water affect females & males differently?
Join the conversation and help shape the 2021 #WorldWaterDay campaign!

#Water2Me #WWD #GenderEquality

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Hugely grateful to #GH5050 volunteers for their blood, sweat & tears doing the extraction, coding & validation of data for the annual report on #genderequality in #globalhealth orgs - all in service of #AccountabilityCulture. @DrSenait @ravi_rverma @Katja_Iversen @MikaHild

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Yesterday, the #GH5050 collective dialed in from around the 🌎 to share thoughts, ideas and plans for the 2021 report!

We were once again in awe of our collective's brilliance & passion.

Thank you for bringing your ideas, energy & knowledge to #GH5050!


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خیبر پختونخوا: گھریلو تشدد سے بچاؤ اور حفاظت کا تاریخ ساز بل منظور

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Senior hires and promotions at Zappi #mrx #marketresearch

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Academic research provides an unparalleled opportunity to inform and further industry knowledge and practise. Join us as we discuss insights from academia on bridging the digital gender divide in Africa.

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En même temps je trouve que "Dinde de l'infectiologie" lui va pas mal à la Mme blindée de conflits d'intérêts majeurs avec Big Pharma, la preuve : ... Karine tu es plus qu'une dinde, tu es un véritable poison pour notre société...

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