"I was personally shattered, and then you kind of reform yourself in this quiet, grieving world that was created in the house."

Comedian Stephen Colbert opens up to @andersoncooper about grief and the death of his dad and brothers in a plane crash when he was 10 years old.

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 1 year ago

@cyndilouya @AC360 @andersoncooper Why can’t all tv interviews be like this?

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 1 year ago

@GatfieldEliza @AC360 @andersoncooper Beautifully said, Eliza. It was deeply moving.

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@AC360 @andersoncooper #coopercolbertinterview. Wow. Watching Cooper interview Colbert (or is it the other way round?)is deep and satisfying and hilarious and heart wrenching and brilliant!These guys are as authentic and raw as humans can be and it is like the deepest gust of pure, unpolluted air.

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper You and Colbert were so good tonight

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper That interview was amazing. I really loved it. Thank you. #StephenColbert

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper A few moments, I honestly wept. Great watching the two of you... just talking.

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper Great interview !

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper Great interview tonight with Stephen.

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 1 year ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper A wonderful hour!

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#BillieKay with #LivMorgan and #RubyRiott of #TheRiottSquad... Awkward? Does this work? What do you all think? Retweets appreciated. #SmackDown #WrestlingCommunity

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A last man standing match, damn #SmackDown

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@WWE Shinsuke Nakamura coming out with his old music. #SmackDown

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But did Jey ever say “Thank You Roman” hahaha! Hmmm... #SmackDown

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I think it’s cool how they polled #SmackDown viewers and 89% of them said they supported Biden, and beyond that would support a candidate with even further leftist policies. It’s great to see wrestling becoming so progressive.

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Omg. They gave the Ding Dong Hello the “SNL theme” treatment. I’m dying! 🤣🤣 #SmackDown

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