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Thank you to all who have followed along today. If you’re interested in hearing more of these stories, you can find The Only Plane in the Sky here:

This new book by Garrett Graff is stunning. The Only Plane In The Sky is a gripping, heartbreaking and inspiring oral history of 9/11. In order to NeverForget, we must also Know And Remember. I highly recommend this book.

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 9 months ago

@RpowerM @andersoncooper Yes we do. We fight against the NRA daily. How do you suggest we escalate this war on guns we’re already fighting ?

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@andersoncooper I’ve also read this and it was so emotionally difficult, but important, to read.

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper I just ordered it. Looking forward to the read.I enjoy asll of his insights when he is on

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper Got it the day it came out - it's searing, for me having distantly experienced it, and eye-opening for my 17 year old daughter, who was born after.

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper Cannot wait to get my copy from amazon. Knowing that @andersoncooper and @katiecouric gave the book rave reviews I knew I had to order it immediately! Cannot wait to read it!! 📚

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@andersoncooper Love you Anderson my fav cnn host you are so fun and entertaining and informative keep it up

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper I always watch most of the 9/11 programs on during this time every year.

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Today is YOUR day. Welcome it and be grateful for new beginnings. #MondayVibes #Inspired

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