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Some of the country's leading medical research centers are seeing if psychedelic drugs and intense therapy can be used to help people do things like quit smoking and worry less. "60 Minutes" reports, Sunday

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 7 months ago

@60Minutes 🍄 ✨

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@60Minutes 04 June, 2020 23:59
What's new about this research / study of stopping to smoke ? On how many people it was tried ? For how long ? What is the success rate ?
How years of smoking and what ages are the most successful in stopping to smoke?

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 8 months ago

@60Minutes Interesting - I would have liked to try this therapy but cannot!

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@60Minutes Shamans be like

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 1 year ago

@60Minutes Wow that’s so cool

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 1 year ago

@60Minutes Have teens or young adults with cancer been a part of the study?

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@60Minutes Parkinson’s

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@60Minutes I’ll be watching!

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@60Minutes Good God.

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