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 9 months ago
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 3 months ago
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@fleabaged @DryWrite Im crying too. Why? 仄儭

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Great thing to do. Annnnnd thank you for the little Easter Egg at the end !

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Thanks for your effort歹Is there any way for Present Laughter to do the same? If you could put in a word or so...

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@DryWrite Bless you for putting this together

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Shes a good egg X

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Itll pass. 歹 #Fleabag

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Yes yes yes! This is a great idea, I never got to see the play so I'm so grateful plus I get to help while enjoying myself. Thank you Phoebe, you never disappoint and thanks to everyone behind this genius action! 歹歹歹

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 9 months ago

@DryWrite Fleabie!!!!!!!

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#DontTrustPeopleWho who don't use a Bodna or Lota

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#DontTrustPeopleWho say they know everything, but when it comes on to simple 1.2.3-common sense stuff, they LOST

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#DontTrustPeopleWho flip from being pro-life to pro-abortion. Joe Biden was pro-life until Dem Party became more favorable to killing unborn, American girls & boys. He is NO leader ! He abandoned principle for power. Biden has won power but lost his soul. GOD HAVE MERCY on USA !

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#DontTrustPeopleWho said they read it an article or heard it on the news

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#DontTrustPeopleWho think voting for #BidenHarris is a vote for #resistance against #fascism and #tyranny. If anything, a vote for #JoeBiden and/or #KamalaHarris is actually a vote FOR fascistic tyranny.

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I #DontTrustPeopleWho wash their hands, hair or pets in the kitchen sink. Thats 互 unsanitary...

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