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 5 months ago

Look who we found! 👀Huge thanks to @tanfrance for partnering with us on our Make It Pop series. (Pssss… register to vote! Go! Now! )

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 4 months ago

@ProgressPopNow @Caradelevingne @tanfrance “No matter where you live” I guess the other end of the world is going to be a bit of a pickle ey

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Can you believe it?! Oh man. Lol, poor Browns... #CLEvsKC

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What do losers do? They find a way to lose. #CLEvsKC

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How is that not a targeting? #CLEvsKC

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Fumble yes. What about the helmet to helmet hit? Gonna just ignore that? What say you @MikePereira? #CLEvsKC

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You gotta be kidding me!!🤯 #CLEvsKC

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Dumbest rule in the NFL about to be applied

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