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 3 months ago

#AMAs Favorite Duo or Group - Pop/Rock:
♦️ @BTS_twt
♦️ @jonasbrothers
♦️ @maroon5

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 3 months ago

@modooborahae @AMAs @BTS_twt @jonasbrothers @maroon5 How??? It's not started yet right??

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 3 months ago

@firstluvbts @AMAs @BTS_twt And then u wake up

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@AMAs @BTS_twt @jonasbrothers @maroon5 "BE" by #BTS IS COMING
‼NOV 20‼

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 3 months ago
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 3 months ago

@AMAs @BTS_twt @jonasbrothers @maroon5 BTS WORLD DOMINATION

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 3 months ago

@AMAs @BTS_twt bts deserves

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@AMAs @BTS_twt @jonasbrothers @maroon5 BTS WINNING THIS

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 3 months ago

@AMAs @BTS_twt @jonasbrothers @maroon5 Let’s vote!!!!!

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#anxietymakesme overthink every small decision when presented with a choice. Unable to do small tasks like walking into classroom/offices or knocking/closing doors.
Cant sit through awkward movies such as Borat or Swiss Army Man. Talking loudly in public places is triggering...

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#AnxietyMakesMe not only second guess myself, but third guess myself and more

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I avoid eye contact like Covid 🙃 #AnxietyMakesMe

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@DoYouEvenLif #AnxietyMakesMe worry about the US political environment, +I worry about Cons in 🇨🇦 politics, I worry about Covid, death, the environment, I'm inexplicably anxious about the size of toilet paper, triple and quadruple rolls don't fit the holders. WTF is with this? #ToiletPaperWoes

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#AnxietyMakesMe think of scenarios that happened years ago, a fear of making decisions because of what could possibly happen if I make the wrong one, I as well tend to think that people next to me on the bus are thinking about me negatively

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#AnxietyMakesMe stuck in certain situations where I ponder why is the point of even trying or do anything for that matter, which lead to suicidal thoughts, it does create an obstacle to my goals noting that I am actually an ambitious person.

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Happy Barkday Baby. 😍
#QCongress #AnxietyMakesMe #XMenVote #wednesdaythought #JoKenDiKamiNakikipagbiruan #PangalawangBitaw #ALAMATIbayongBanua

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#AnxietyMakesMe able to function everyday. Some people see it as a hindrance, I see it as double checking and making sure I’m safe and everyone I care about is safe. I used to try and hide it all, but I now embrace it and make it a strength not a weakness.

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