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Quoted @AMAs

#AMAs Favorite Duo or Group - Pop/Rock:
♦️ @BTS_twt
♦️ @jonasbrothers
♦️ @maroon5

Wow! Thank you! 🤩

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@joejonas congrats babys

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@joejonas periodt king!

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@joejonas let’s get it ☝🏽☝🏽

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@joejonas YOU GUYS. WILL WIN

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@joejonas Hi Joe

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@joejonas yay congrats

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@joejonas what u and nick deserve

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@joejonas ❤️❤️

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God's Constitution
Lord Kabir saheb says-
Maans ahari manav pratyaksh rakshas Jaan.
Tink sangat mati Kari.
Hove bhakti me haani.
अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal ji Maharaj you tube channel पर visit करें।

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Feeling very optimistic for my future 💛

#rareselifie #WednesdayMotivation

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Can we just sit and appreciate the beauty of these dogs... #beauty #wednesdaythought #WednesdayMotivation #dogecoin

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Your HAPPINESS & Self-Acceptance are your gift to the World.
The World needs people who have made PEACE with themselves‼️💖😊
#SelfLove #InnerPeace #Contentment #SweatpantsAndCoffee #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation

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We all don't even know strong we are, until being strong is our only choice. If you're going thru hell, don't stop. Keep going. Tough times make us. Learn the lessons, see the blessings, most importantly keep going and inspire on!
#DareToLead #leadersinspire #WednesdayMotivation

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क्या आपको पता है कि तम्बाखू गाय के खून से बनी है।
गरीब, खूं नाम खून का, तमा नाम गाय।
सौ बार सौगन्ध, इसको कभी न खाय।।
परमात्मा का संविधान कहता है कि जो नशा करते हैं वे इस काल लोक में घोर दुख उठाएंगे।
Saint Rampal Ji

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