Feeling stressed and anxious? Check out my interview with @jonkabatzinn about mindfulness and mediation.

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@Atticus02515588 @andersoncooper Canadian here .. Atticus, why do Americans think they can just pick up and move to Canada? We don't take political refugees. You guys have to follow the same process as everyone else who wants to move here and we are keeping our border closed to the USA for now. Sorry ..

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@andersoncooper Yeah that works when you're at a mid-level stress. I recommend it.
But this is Red Alert s*** here Anderson. Sorry. But you got enough money to move to Canada and I got enough money to move into my car and overnight at a 24hour walmart parking lot.

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@Gikine Profile picture Gikine


 2 months ago

@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn My therapist said my nervous system is literally vibrating from anxiety, affecting my breathing, heart, mind, and soul. I’m meditating. It helps. 7 days.

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@MoldyDraws Profile picture Areola Grande


 2 months ago

@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn thank you mr. cooper

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@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn Stressed and anxious? Unbelievably so. Thank you for putting a spotlight on this.

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 2 months ago

@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn I woke up this morning feeling dejected about a strange dream I had, with the headlines In Cyan blue - “Trump wins not Obama”

Either I am really stressed or too worried that this might happen. I can’t do 2016 election night again :(

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@JMollerick Profile picture Jolene Mollerick


 2 months ago

@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn Meditation or mediation??? Huge difference! 🤣

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@sarah_calvar Profile picture Sarah Cabibbo


 2 months ago

@andersoncooper @jonkabatzinn ♥️♥️♥️

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Good Monday morning my fellow High Risers! Let's keep our minds on work not wondering off somewhere else. #goodmorning #MondayMorning #morning #MyTwitterAnniversary #fellowghanaians #high #RisersRetained #letsplay #KeepGoing #ourfutureourchoice #Mindset #onemochance #work #offgun

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@AnnieYuTV Happy #MondayMorning to you too Annie, @MegMRivers, @hbwx, and @TonyPerkinsFMTV! We enjoyed very good NFC/AFC championship games yesterday! Time for the Super Bowl next weekend!😆 😊 😃

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Down to one light pink state on #MondayMorning #COVID19 map from @JohnsHopkins - and of course we ultimately want to get all white - no trend at all.

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Good morning! Have a great day! #MondayMorning

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Learning Roof
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It's Monday, Long Branch! Let's do this. @NJGov @brian4NY @JSHurricaneNews #sunrise @visitlongbranch @spann #MondayMorning @kurtsiegelin

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Yellow reunion (Lost lights)
24 W x 30 H x 0.7 D in
Available @NestorToroArt

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