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 2 months ago

One step closer to the MV premiere of ‘Tunjukkan’ . Tomorrow at 16.00 WIB on @trinityoptima ‘s YouTube channel


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@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima Selamat pagi mas
Salam kenal ya sy di jepara.🙏

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@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima duhhh gak sabarrr

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@renikur @trinityoptima Iya nih ahaha

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima Sukses ya cintaku 🥰

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 2 months ago

@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima Ya ampun coco is that you? Gemas sekaliiiii🥰 makin ga sabar nihhh

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 2 months ago

@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima Hahaha ada coco di VC nyaa 😍 gemes bgt kalian semua, makin gak sabar!!! 🥺 Semoga bisa lebih sukses dari percayalah ya kak agan 💕

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 2 months ago

@afgansyah_reza @trinityoptima Gemeshhh bgt vclipnyaa 😍😍

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Fig 1 says it all. 🔥🔥🔥 #fundblackscientists

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You know the long odds you have in mind for your next @NIH grant submission? Half that. We must do better. #FundBlackScientists

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Check out this @HubJHU article to read some of my thoughts on @NIH funding and @CSRpeerreview disparities:

cc: @nihdirector @alondra @francisarnold @eric_lander


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Major disconnect between stated values and funding stats. How do you expect to diversify the scientists if your agency won’t fund the diverse scientists? @NIHDirector #fundblackscientists #fundblackengineers #DiversityinSTEM #DEI

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Read this now. #FundBlackScientists
✅Score grants of Black faculty well, rescue ND grants
✅Consider diversity in team/innovation scores
✅Learn about “systemic racism,” “racism,” “antiracism”
✅Call out/stop all racist statements
✅Include Black faculty in collabs/papers/grants

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Grants from Black investigators are funded at ~55% of white @NIH PIs with the same qualifications. Proud to join these amazing co-authors in a call to action to end funding disparities. Please read & join the call to #FundBlackScientists

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People: "Why do you like #BME so much?"

The authors of this paper are my role models 🤩, soon-to-be faculty colleagues 😬, and some, I'm also lucky to call my mentors♥️!

#FundBlackScientists @nih @NIHFunding @NIHDirector @francesarnold @alondra @eric_lander

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