Looking forward to watching @RLC and @Aina2Ola against Liverpool.

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@ea_kesse Profile picture Kesse😇


 1 month ago

@__Lamido @cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola Yh man
They did

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@Mark_utd18 Profile picture mark


 1 month ago

@CFCSparkk @cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola He ain't even their best midfielder dfkm

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@willreyner Profile picture Will


 1 month ago

@cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola Need an absolute masterclass from them both.

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@343Gary Profile picture Gary


 1 month ago

@cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola This is why you’re my favorite player ever

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@cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola Once A Blue Always A Blue💙💙💙

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@cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola RLC ready to pull strings

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@__Lamido Profile picture mahomie


 1 month ago

@cesc4official @RLC @Aina2Ola And lose the match 5-0 😭😂

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I can’t wait to watch the #TrumpSeriesFinale as all the crooks leave their government positions!

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This is my favorite part 😂😂😂 #TrumpSeriesFinale

“Even though Q is at the moment based on Donald Trump, it is certainly possible for a significant faction to rise up that believes he was in the deep state all along and foiled the plan.”

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New York: Tax fraud
NY Manhattan DA: election finance crimes
Illinois: Tax fraud
California: Tax fraud
DC: Inaugration finance crimes
Florida: Tax fraud
Florida: Voter fraud
Pennsylvania: Defrauding the Court
Georgia: Extortion
New Jersey: Hiring illegals

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It’s time to set free the memes I’ve been keeping for the last 4+ years. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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