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Watch us on Fallon tonight!

Watch us on Fallon tonight!

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@LanaDelRey we will be streaming

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#HolocaustRemembranceDay reminds us of the importance of #NeverAgain. Holocaust denial is too common on social media. ADL investigated how various platforms addressed this content and the results should worry us. For more info visit:

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Thank you Min @HarjitSajjan for making sure #WeRemember the six million Jewish victims and millions of other victims of Nazi oppression who were murdered in the #Holocaust. Together we can ensure #NeverAgain truly means never again

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@EnesKanter Armenian Genocide in 1915.
1.5 million of Armenians slaughtered by Turkish Ottoman Empire.

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76 years ago, today, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was liberated. Since that time, January 27 has been marked as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day for all those who perished during the Holocaust. Let us never forget the victims of this tragedy. #NeverAgain

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I will never forget. I will however live my life to the fullest being a proud Jew, a Jew that doesn’t back down to antisemitism.I’m proud and grateful to have our land. I give thanks to those that sacrificed everything for me to be able to live free. #NeverAgain #NeverForget

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@Spanishfly_PYT @Dimperachi I thank God for my son he stopped me from this path.. I’ve been strong head n disciplined ever since #neveragain 💪🏾

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