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 4 weeks ago

🏆 #OTD in 2011, Barça beat Santos 4-0 in Yokohama, to win the Club World Cup. Goals from #Messi 2x, #Xavi, and @cesc4official.

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 4 weeks ago

@CuIeNico @FCBarcelona @cesc4official Messi was good at false 9 and Braithwathe should be lw

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@SuleNaS95 @FCBarcelona @cesc4official There is nothing wrong with updating us on past events about our club na

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 4 weeks ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official Just look at this squad 😩

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 4 weeks ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official This was when Messi was well equipped with teammates

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@FCBarcelona @cesc4official after puyol we havent defence 😔

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 4 weeks ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official Best club in the world

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 4 weeks ago
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 4 weeks ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official This is why messi is the greatest of all time

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Nothing for the helmet to helmet?


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when we said #WeWantMore  we thought it was pretty self explanatory but the browns had other ideas

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Did he not lead with the crown of his helmet there? Genuinely asking? #WeWantMore #Browns #CLE

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Don't put that energy into the universe....turn the game off if you feel that way. We figured something out and its working. We can still win this game #WeWantMore

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WOW! Nasty Baker is finally making accurate throws, and his receivers fumble the ball out of the end zone. They must have bet on the Chiefs, like the rest of us! #WeWantMore

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How is that not targetting? #WeWantMore @Browns

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