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@NotoriousRBF @Mike_Pence space force wasn’t involved 😂😂

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@Mike_Pence Incoming president. Surely will it happen

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@Mike_Pence Anyone else out there believe that Flynn didn’t actually lie to Pence? Pence was warned by Elijah Cummings and Sally Yates Flynn had some “issues”. Imo, #PenceKnew everything.

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@Mike_Pence When given the opportunity to purchase additional vaccine doses, Trump passed.
And now, fewer Americans will be vaccinated before June.
Make no mistake, Trump's incompetence will cost American lives. It already has.
So much for America first.

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@Mike_Pence So how about that cyber attack Mike?

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El diamante nos regaló un KO histórico 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 #UFC257

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He is running out of money. #UFC257

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Conor foi muito com sede ao pote, tava tudo entrando, mas acontece. Fair Play pro Dustin. #UFC257

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Dana White after Dustin Poirier knocked out McGregor


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Conor McGregor número 30 en el #RoyalRumble.

Guarden este twitt. #UFC257

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Don't worry, he'll be back #UFC257

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Lots of so called MMA experts on the timeline lmao. You're not finished after losing 1 fight. This isn't YouTube boxing.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk. #UFC257

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Love the new McGregor. Very humble, very professional. We know he'll come back stronger than ever. That's the Connor we all love. Unlucky tonight. #UFC257 #UFCFightIsland

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