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Replying to @gigimyfeels: Give #cashforacause by gifting one of the cards Gigi created‼️

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Give #cashforacause by gifting one of the cards Gigi created‼️

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Did #BeBest ever make sense to anybody? #ByeFelicia

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For the millions of people so needlessly infected and the hundreds of thousands who did not live to see the end of this disastrous administration #ByeFelicia

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@Treehugger611 She couldn't decorate a cake. She ruined the Rose Garden, made a mess of Christmas at the White House, and pissed Trump off with her decorating at Mar-a-lago. #ByeFelicia

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Every living thing in nature definitely has a benefit. Check our new blog about Snail Cream!

#ByeFelicia #tuesdayvibe #TuesdayFeeling #stimulus #bloggers #skincare #women #WomenSupportingWomen #WomeninBusiness

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#ByeFelicia #BidenHarrisInauguration Trumppresidency

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It saddens me to see the smugness of people using this hashtag for Trump.
Be humble in victory as you are in defeat. Don’t be like Trump and rub it in when he won.

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Happy Last Day of Pres Trump! Orange you glad it’s over ?!! #ByeFelicia

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