I couldnt help thinking of an u-23 game vs Hyderabad many years ago where we had lost all hope to win, @ashwinravi99 and another tailender took us home on the final day. Sometimes the seeds of junior cricket take us very far!

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@Kapil_sec Profile picture Kapil


 3 days ago
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@Rudra_7373 Profile picture Sir Ashwin


 3 days ago

@ajakster @mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 Please if yu can translate in english or hindi

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@mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 And who was the tailender ?

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@mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 Who was it at the other end?

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@mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 Curious to know other batsman who fought with @ashwinravi99 ?

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@cricviswes Profile picture Visweswara


 4 days ago

@mukundabhinav @SriniMaama16 @ashwinravi99 Even last yr Ranji we saw him and Sai kishore grind 2-3 sessions and pull to safety

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@sriniramadurai Profile picture SR3


 4 days ago

@mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 Very true . These things don’t happen overnight . Belief is very key and which one builds subconsciously over a period of time . So junior cricket and age group plays a massive massive part.

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@mukundabhinav @ashwinravi99 There is a daylight difference between skill and grit and it is only those who have both that go on to become champions. By that token, Ashwin proved that he is right up there among few champions of the game! Well done @BCCI

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I couldnt help thinking of that game after seeing the advice he d given to vihari,it was kind of similar if im not wrong. Scratch balls and add runs to the mix and that was it!

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I am still trying to process what an unbelievable effort it was from the batters to save this test match,against all odds the power of mental strength stood through!

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จะรักตลอดไป ถึงเวลาที่ต้องแยกย้ายกันไปเติบโต ขอบคุณเวลาสำหรับ7ปีที่ผ่านมา รักเสมอ รักตลอดไป #7YearsWithGOT7

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Gracias por todo, por las risas y lágrimas, esos lindos momentos quedan marcados en mí. Son muy importantes para mí💚.

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"Te convertirás en una brillante y hermosa estrella en el cielo nocturno, que me encantaría ver cada vez brillar más"

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항상 고마워요.


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