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Quase uma semana após a invasão, as cenas de terror registradas no Congresso americano ainda impressionam. Veja na reportagem do #Fantástico o depoimento de testemunhas que acompanharam tudo de perto e reconstituiram o passo a passo daquela tarde:

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@showdavida Era o povo ! Extremista é quem fica contra a vontade popular.

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 1 week ago

@showdavida Kkk é foda ficar sem assunto e tem gente que paga pra ler isso.

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@showdavida A "Insurrection Order" was signed. 🇺🇸👍

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Jen Psaki reminds of when your a kid in school and you get the new cool engaging teacher at the start of the semester. #PressConference #JenPsaki

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Wait...so @PressSec Jen Psaki is NOT going to talk about the inauguration crowd size? I forgot what normal looks like!

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@jrpsaki “truth and transparency” setting the scene for how a @WhiteHouse press conference should be held. Take a lead outta her book @BorisJohnson truth and transparency is what we need right now #COVID19 #PressConference

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I don't understand, why was there no forceful remarks about the inaugural crowd size being the "biggest in history. PERIOD!" by new @PressSec Jen Psaki?

#WHPressBriefing #PressConference

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Just an incredible 4 years we just lived through when #PressConference is trending

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#JenPsaki is a refreshing change from not having honest talk during a #PressConference

#FreedomOfThePress is vital for the people to help keep the government open and honest. 👏🏻

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