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 4 days ago

We shouldn't impose restrictions on girls: @ikamalhaasan, Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) chief, tells Navika Kumar on #FranklySpeakingWithKamal.

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@TimesNow @ikamalhaasan Air time pollution being encouraged. Shame

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Chef Curry is still LeBron's daddy. 'I'll take 'Things you love to see for $200'...Alex" #GSWvsLAL #DFS

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not me liking both teams #GSWvsLAL

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Feel like the warriors are a team you’d rather meet in the second round of the playoffs rather than the first. #GSWvsLAL

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This 👇🏽tweet suffered premature death. #DubNation #GSWvsLAL

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Locked bron ass up #GSWvsLAL

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I want to see how the @Warriors and @Money23Green plotted the defense on that last play #GSWvsLAL

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