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One nation, one language itself is deterrent in Tamil Nadu: @VijayadharaniM, MLA, Tamil Nadu Assembly CLP Chief Whip, tells Padmaja Joshi on @thenewshour AGENDA. | #RahulTamilTour

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@TimesNow @VijayadharaniM @thenewshour #RahulTamilTour:
Rahul Gandhi is bereft of any kind of knowledge or intellect. Tamil language was given to Rishi Agastya by lord Shiva & the Rishi stayed back in south on the advice of Shiva. Kaveri in south is because of Agastya

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@TimesNow @VijayadharaniM @thenewshour Padmja, Tamilnadu people love those who try to speak Tamil, it is my personal experience if 3 years in Tamilnadu

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CJ is the real hero and MVP ❤️ #911onFOX

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@captainemmaa @oliverstarkk Thank you for joining us. ❤️ #911onFOX

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BTS #911onFox We put this bus on a gimbal in Santa Clarita #moviemagic

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Really though? #911onFOX

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@TyParkerS Have a good night! I loved watching you on #911onFOX (twice!)

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When will the people living in the 9-1-1 universe get a break??? They had a freaking tsunami last season and now there’s mass flooding and micro earthquakes??? Also lava eruption in Texas?? Someone give these people a vacation off planet earth istg #911onFOX

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Bobby with the save. Nice. @911onFOX #911onFOX

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