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 4 days ago

PM Modi wanted to enhance his stature and wanted portray that he is from very old civilisation (by speaking in Tamil): @asaravanan21, DMK Spokesperson, tells Padmaja Joshi on @thenewshour AGENDA. | #RahulTamilTour

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@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour Modi stops Tamils from getting education. He robs Tamils jobs. He doesnt spend money on Tamil. But just for votes he says Thirukkural. He actually hates Tamils and we know it. We will teach a lesson to Anti-Tamils like Modi.

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 4 days ago

@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour What's wrong if someone tries to enhance his/her stature? Is it OK if all others just focus on tarnishing his image?

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@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour In Tamilnadu, BJP has to fight with only NOTA, it is just a 3% party.

Who ever jumps around like head less chicken from their party is of no use in Tamilnadu.

We know about that their evil plan, because people of Tamilnadu are progressionist. 20 years ahead of rest of India.

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 4 days ago

@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour Atleast the PM tried and accepted that Tamil is-one of the oldest languages unlike some from the DMK who keeps complaining about Hindi.

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@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour Actually BJP should allow these channels to peddle anti hindu narratives freely by not sending their representatives as pannelists. Anyway they call all kinds of riff rafts to abuse & discredit Hindus ?

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 4 days ago

@TimesNow @asaravanan21 @thenewshour @adeshguptabjp महोदय, अनुरोध है कि, कृपया शिक्षकों को सुनें, क्योंकि शिक्षकों को अभी तक वेतन नहीं मिलl है, NORTH MCDशिक्षकों का होल्ड वेतन जारी करें, जो कि अभी भी अवैतनिक है-
@BJP4Delhi कृपया सोचें, शिक्षक कैसे दैनिक जरूरतों को पूरा कर रहे हैं।
@JPNadda @BJPLive @BJP4India

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your wieners built like a tic tac
—— rts are ok :)

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woahh #honktwtselfieday :0
(rts appreciated!)

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The only picture that reminds me of karl #honktwtselfieday

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#honktwtselfieday ??? We love to see it :)
(Rts are kinda epic ngl)

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