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“During the attack on the Capitol, many police officers at the Capitol did not draw their weapons. If there is a breach around the perimeter of the inauguration," Scott Pelley asks the Acting DHS Deputy Secretary, “is that what we're going to see?”

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“The difference between the inauguration and its safety and January 6th and the failure of safety, is the difference between planning and preparation and not planning and being prepared,” says the Acting DHS Deputy Secretary.

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Quoted @keithdsharman

The Center for the Intrepid—part of @BrookeArmyMed—opened in '07 for service members w/ serious injuries, like the one Alex Smith had. He & his wife @lizbsmith11 are trying to raise $ for CFI by donating 100% of the proceeds from a new clothing line .

Quarterback Alex Smith is now raising money for the Center for the Intrepid through a clothing line:

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“It's bigger than football… It's not about the game. It's about… getting back on your feet and dusting yourself off, no matter what the obstacle is,” says Alex Smith’s wife about the QB playing again after almost losing his life and his leg.

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“I didn't know whether I wanted to cheer or throw up. It scared me to death, but I just loved watching Alex achieve,” says Army surgeon Dr. Joe Alderete about watching quarterback Alex Smith play in his first game since his injury.

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This past summer, after 17 surgeries and 20 months out of the game undergoing intense physical therapy, Alex Smith was medically cleared to rejoin the Washington Football Team, even though his tibia bone was not yet 100% healed.

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After a severe leg fracture and subsequent life-threatening infection, Washington QB Alex Smith re-learned to walk, run, and eventually move like a quarterback again with the help of thousands of hours of PT, various braces and orthotics.

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The Center for the Intrepid is a rehab facility for servicemen and women with severe burn and limb injuries. The chief PT who worked with Washington QB Alex Smith says Smith’s leg fracture was similar to what he’s seen in soldiers with blast trauma.

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With stage two sepsis, a spiking fever, and a severe bacterial infection in his injured leg, Washington QB Alex Smith’s life was in danger. Doctors said an amputation might be needed, but Smith wanted to fight to keep it, and had 8 surgeries in 10 days.

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After the Washington Football Team’s Alex Smith suffered a compound spiral fracture during a 2018 game, his wife says in the ambulance he wanted updates on the game: “He was not even worried about his leg whatsoever. He was worried about his team.”

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“I have recommended to the legislators that I know that they… purchase Kevlar vests, purchase helmets, perhaps gas masks,” says Michigan AG Dana Nessel, who says she wasn’t surprised by the Capitol attack after seeing domestic terrorism threats in Mich.

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The FBI sent warnings to law enforcement across the country about planned armed protests of the inauguration in all 50 states. “These people are still out there. Their grievances are still real to them,” says the Anti-Defamation League’s Oren Segal.

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“What we saw on January 6th in D.C., in some ways, may have been the most predictable terrorist incident in modern American history,” says Oren Segal, who runs the Center on Extremism for the Anti-Defamation League.

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“It didn't look pretty, but… [Capitol Police] protected the members of Congress, and they need to be recognized for that,” says Steven Sund, who resigned from his position as chief of Capitol Police following the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

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The Army denies that was said, but the Chief of the DC Metro Police, also on the call, confirms former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s account.

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When pleading for immediate National Guard assistance while a mob stormed the Capitol, the Capitol Police chief says an Army representative told him, “I don't like the optics of National Guard standing in line with the Capitol Building behind them.”

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Steven Sund, who was the Capitol Police Chief on January 6, says he believes the bombs placed that day were meant to draw the Capitol Police’s resources away from their perimeter around the Capitol.

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Days before the Capitol siege, an internal Capitol Police intel report — obtained by the Washington Post & confirmed by 60 Minutes — warned the rally could get violent. But then-Capitol Police Chief Sund says he thought he had a sufficient plan in place.

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“I understand how things work. I'm the chief. The visuals of what I watched were alarming,” says former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who submitted his resignation the day after a mob stormed the Capitol.

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