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Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has abased himself to be close to power, says writer Tom Friedman.

"What happens when they have no power to be close to?" he asks, as Republicans prepare for an era without control of the House, Senate or White House.

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"How a 5-year-old might describe what a President does," says @andersoncooper, responding to the White House's description of President Trump's final days in office: "He will work from early in the morning until late in the evening" and "make many calls and have many meetings."

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There's no constitutional question that an impeachment trial can go forward in the US Senate despite the fact that President Trump's term will have concluded, says legal scholar Laurence Tribe.

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Tony Schwartz, co-author of "The Art of the Deal," says the biggest blow to President Trump as he departs the White House is his loss of Twitter.

"It's as if Donald Trump doesn't exist anymore if he's not on Twitter. It changes the whole dynamic."

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Daniel Hodges, the DC police officer who was crushed in a doorway at the Capitol speaks out saying a man ripped away his baton, and was "practically foaming at the mouth... true believers in the worst way."

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Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says he'd like to see President Trump go to jail, but that at the least he must be convicted in the Senate and banned from holding future office.

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Former FBI Dir. Comey says the DOJ ought not pursue charges against Pres. Trump to show the American people it's "not an institution of political payback."

"Is it in the nation's interest to have Donald Trump on our screens every single day… as the trial moves along?" he asks.

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"He's a delusional President, the most dangerous President in our history and it's imperative that he be restrained in a constitutional straitjacket for the next few days," says @CarlBernstein.

"He's the gravest danger to the national security…than any president has ever been."

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"There have been just four impeachments in the history of this nation. Donald John Trump owns half of them and [they] will follow him to his grave," says @andersoncooper.

This is the face "future generations of school kids will see when… they search the word 'impeachment'."

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History will remember the "supine nature" of the GOP, says Tom Friedman.

The party became "a political brothel that rented itself out by the night to whoever could energize its base…Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and Trump but in the case of Trump, he took over the whole brothel."

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"Right now is the time to stand up and be counted," says Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney, urging his Republican colleagues to vote to impeach President Trump.

"It's about time Republicans found their voice and their moral compass."

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"This is the equivalent of ignoring that pain in your chest for a couple weeks and then all of a sudden you have a catastrophic heart attack."

Fmr. DHS official Chris Krebs says the US is "on the verge of... a pretty significant breakdown in democracy and civil society."

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"I think you do it immediately because you really do want to show that we are serious about accountability," says Sen. Sherrod Brown on a Senate trial to impeach Trump.

"You really do want to show that we are serious about accountability... the Senate can do two things at once."

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"With five people dead, a nation traumatized, and the FBI warning there could be more political violence to come, so far, there has been no real reckoning."
As Trump turns his anger on the PGA amid the aftermath of the attack on the Capitol, @AndersonCooper is #KeepingThemHonest.

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"It genuinely makes me sad to think people would believe that, and I've been kind of sad about it all day. That is not what I was doing. I wasn't dissing a restaurant. I was dissing criminality."

@AndersonCooper responds to Fox News criticizing his reference to the Olive Garden

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"This is a man who still is in charge of American nuclear forces. He is still the most powerful man on the planet, and guess what, I bet he's more than a little grumpy right now," says Rep. Jim Himes of Trump.

"His Twitter has been taken away but what about the nuclear trigger?"

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"As the mob was descending on the Capitol, making death threats to lawmakers there, the President was, at the very same moment, calling senators, trying to pressure them into keeping up his election con."

On Trump's actions during the riot, @andersoncooper is #KeepingThemHonest.

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It is "extraordinarily unlikely" Pres. Trump will resign," says his niece, Mary Trump.

"I think it's much more likely he would try to pardon himself," she adds.

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"The best bet right now is to get him out of office as quickly as possible."

Sen. Bernie Sanders joins calls to remove President Trump by impeachment or invocation of the Constitution's 25th Amendment.

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