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Melania Trump said WHAT?!?

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Greta Gerwig said WHAT?!?

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You hear that, motherfuckers? The Meal Bell is tolling, and that can only mean one thing: IT’S LUNCHTIME, BABY!!!!!!!

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Deeply Troubling: Nickelodeon Confirmed That The ‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ Guards Got To Keep The Kids They Captured

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"Cigarettes smell and taste amazing, and they make you feel sooo good when you play!"

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Leonardo DiCaprio said WHAT?!?

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Buddies For Life! Barack Obama Has Been Leaving A Single Ferrero Rocher On Ahmed The Clock Kid’s Porch Every Day For 5 Years Straight And Is Currently Watching Him From A Distance

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"as a young girl in the 1930s I never imagine that one day I use compouer we barely had cars yet , and now herely I am almost 90 years later and using{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ the largest ,loudest computer I have ever seen"

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ICYMI: This definitive oral history of "The Office" reveals how the show became the most successful series about Phyllis in TV history!

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A New Start: Dustin Hoffman Has Announced That He Is Giving Up Acting To Chase The Mechanized Rabbit At A Dog Track

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Worst band ever!!!!

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Read the behind-the-scenes story of the show that introduced the world to Phyllis and changed television forever, told by the actors and writers who brought it to life!

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Danny DeVito said WHAT?!?

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A Piece Of History: The Naginata That Lee Harvey Oswald Used To Cut Down JFK After Skillfully Deflecting A Mighty Blow From His Ōdachi Is Coming To The Smithsonian

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Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You?

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Absolutely Adorable: Watch This Man Wake Up His Son At 3 A.M. To Explain What Ronin Samurai Are

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Father Of The Year: His Daughter Loves Frozen, So For Her Birthday This Awesome Dad Cursed The Land With Eternal Winter

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