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"President Biden must close down the Guantánamo detention center and the military commissions, once and for all."

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"The detention center that has come to symbolize around the world the United States’ use of torture, rendition and indefinite detention without charge or trial – in complete violation of internationally agreed-upon standards of justice and human rights.

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"If the United States has admissible evidence that internationally cognizable crimes were committed, it can bring those claims in a civilian court, if a fair trial is even possible after nearly two decades of unlawful detention and ill-treatment.

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“The military commissions at Guantánamo Bay are a human rights calamity and a complete failure. For almost two decades, the United States has denied justice to the dozens of men the country has kept detained at Guantánamo Bay indefinitely, without charge or trial.

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"It’s time to give up the illusion that either true justice or any semblance of a fair trial will result from these fundamentally unfair proceedings. The only just path forward is to close down the detention center and the military commissions once and for all.

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"The Pentagon’s actions here are shameful. It’s time to mark a new path for United States national security policy and close down Guantánamo.

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BREAKING: Biden and Congress must close Guantánamo Bay detention center, not bring new charges in unlawful military commissions

@deviatar, the director of the Security With Human Rights program at AIUSA, released the following statement:

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Quoted @NBCNews

BREAKING: President Biden signs executive order repealing Trump-era ban on transgender people serving openly in the military.

The Trump administration’s ban on transgender individuals in the military was always based on bigotry and discrimination. Thank you, @joebiden for upholding protections and dignity for transgender individuals.

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AIUSA proudly signs this letter from @civilrightsorg

"We must meet the challenge of addressing white nationalist and far-right militia violence without causing further harm to communities already disproportionately impacted by the criminal-legal system."

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Abortion is a human right.

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Quoted @InterActionOrg

Only by working with others to share resources and scale up supply can we bring an end to the COVID-19 crisis.

We need an int'l human rights approach to vaccine distribution, @amnestyusa's @JoanneLinDC writes 👇

Replying to @JoanneLinDC: As US rejoins @WHO, @amnestyusa calls on @JoeBiden to fund & support #COVAX & other global vaccine initiatives. #CovidVacc

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Quoted @WHCOVIDResponse

We are building a partnership with the American people to confront COVID-19.

A partnership rooted in transparency and science.

And together, we will mount an effective response to the pandemic that gets us all back to our lives and loved ones:

AIUSA welcomes the commitment in the president's COVID relief plan to evidence-based strategies, health equity, and a stronger safety net for those whose rights to health, housing, food, education and livelihood are imperiled.

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"As the world continues to roll out COVID-19 vaccines, a united, coordinated global response to this pandemic is more needed than ever.

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"Most importantly, the Biden administration must lead international efforts to prioritize vaccine distribution for those most at risk, regardless of the country they live in. We urge the administration to implement a human rights-centered approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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"It is of the utmost importance that the Biden administration lead multilateral efforts to fight the pandemic and to support and fund global vaccine efforts.

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"The Biden administration must immediately move to support global initiatives that aim to ensure fair vaccine access for all countries, such as the WHO’s COVAX pillar.

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"Only if governments recognize their human rights obligations and work together can we get the COVID-19 pandemic under control and ensure that everyone can access health care.

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“Rejoining the WHO is a much-needed first step in restoring the United States’ cooperation with the international community and signaling its commitment to prioritizing international public health.

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As US rejoins @WHO, @amnestyusa calls on @JoeBiden to fund & support #COVAX & other global vaccine initiatives. #CovidVaccine distribution must be prioritized for those at highest risk. No one should be blocked from getting life-saving vaccines because of the country they live in

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Ending white supremacy is a human rights mandate.

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