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Singer-songwriter. Girl behind @thisnashlife podcast. Host of The Kelleigh Bannen Show & #TodaysCountry on @applemusic

Nashville, TN

Joined on 23 October, 2008

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Latest #TodaysCountry Radio is live at 8am CT:
💖 Cover Star @TenilleArts + new music from @blakeshelton and @haileywhitters. @AppleMusic

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Here's the “debut singles” playlist I’ve been talking about. From my @applemusic library to yours. 👯‍♀️

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New overnight from @devindawson & music from a new duo @finmarmusic (ya gotta hear it)‼️ 7am CT @AppleMusic

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Quoted @chocolateclipse

Saw someone post this and I immediately thought about "Your Favorite Colors" by @kelleighbannen. The sadness of the song sneaks up on me every time! 😭

Note to self...scour old SATC episodes for song ideas.

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Quoted @billydukes

@kelleighbannen Have you ever missed the post on your own song? 🤔

Odds are good

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Quoted @BelgiumRoland

Good to hear ⁦@kelleighbannen⁩ on the Kelleigh Bannen Show on  Music Country.

Sometimes I sneak my own stuff in there 🧐

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@IngridAndress⁩ ⁦@carlypearce⁩ ⁦@MarenMorris⁩ ⁦@BrittNicx⁩ ⁦@carterxfaith⁩ ⁦@KelseaBallerini⁩ ⁦@halsey⁩ ⁦@taylorswift13⁩ 💜

I LOVED yesterday’s playlist. Hope you did too. 😘😘

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Smashing streaming records and the album hasn’t even been out a week. @MorganWallen on “Sand In My Boots” and the double album #Dangerous on the latest episode of #TodaysCountry radio. Linked in my bio. Thx for the chat Morgan. Xx

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Thanks for the Quaran-Time @CountryAircheck ❤️

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@kelleighbannen @DierksBentley @BrooksAndDunn @carlypearce "Let's Go There" - @brothersosborne
"How 'Bout You" - @ericchurch
"Tim McGraw" - @taylorswift13
"My Church" - @MarenMorris

Wait. I forgot about “Let’s Go There.”
Was “Rum” the second single? @brothersosborne?

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Quoted @AppleMusic

.@MorganWallen leads #TodaysCountry with #WastedOnYou.

Hear the track & interview with @kelleighbannen:

This👏🏼 album 👏🏼 couldn’t 👏🏼 get👏🏼 any👏🏼bigger.

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Quoted @CassieMKelley

@kelleighbannen @DierksBentley @BrooksAndDunn @carlypearce awesome list - I'll add @SamHuntMusic "Leave the night on" and @carrieunderwood "Jesus Take the Wheel" and not mad at @ladya "Love Don't Live Here" either ha

Yes Cassie! I play “Love Don’t Live Here” on the show almost every week! It still feels amazing.

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Quoted @FiddleSabre

@kelleighbannen @DierksBentley @BrooksAndDunn @carlypearce “There Is No Arizona” - @JamieONeal
“Baby Girl” - @Sugarlandmusic
“When It Rains - @EliYoungBand
“Too Cold at Home” - @MarkChesnutt
“Wild West Show” - @bigandrich
“Prayin’ for Daylight” - @rascalflatts

Trying to get on Chris’s level! 🏆

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Favorite first singles?

I’ll go first:
@DierksBentley “What Was I Thinking”
@BrooksAndDunn “Brand New Man”
@carlypearce “Every Little Thing”

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Our "Nashville 6" police officers are being honored as the collective 12th Titan just before kickoff of today's AFC playoff game v Ravens. Thank you @Titans! #TitanUp


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Cool or nah? @kelleighbannen


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@kelleighbannen I felt anger that the rest of the world wasn’t this outraged when innocent people were losing everything they’ve worked their entire lives for being burned to the ground and it being called “peaceful protests”.

This is a false moral equivalence

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Quoted @BelgiumRoland

@jillianjmusic @toferbrown @AppleMusic It was good to hear « God Bless This Mess » on  Music Country.

Thank you @kelleighbannen

Truly a song for this week.

God Bless This MESS

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