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Quoted @MacFarlaneNews

!!! NEW: US Justice Dept tells judge Riley Williams, woman accused of stealing computer from Nancy Pelosi's office, is suspected of using internet in recent days, encouraging people to destroy evidence in Capitol insurrection case. They want judge to prohibit internet access

I’m trying to figure out how this would be enforcable in 2021. How do you keep someone off the Internet?

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Red Sox and The Yankees with a trade. That is highly unusual. via @BostonGlobe

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Quoted @JStein_WaPo

President Biden says he is open to negotiating the income thresholds on stimulus payments, a key priority of the 16 centrist lawmakers

This sounds reasonable on its face, but how do you implement it in a fair way? Suppose you had a good salary prior to the pandemic hitting, but it has dropped dramatically, basing it on 2019 pay would not fairly represent your need or lack thereof.

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Quoted @sn_mlb

If you took away every one of Henry Aaron's 755 home runs, he still would've finished with more than 3,000 hits.

RIP, Hammer.

That is truly remarkable.

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It’s a Steve Hackett kind of Monday. Check out his latest instrumental album. It’s a dandy:

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Finally fixed my fan problem on my MBP by shutting down Spotlight indexing, but now Spotlight doesn’t work. Now I have to figure out how to rebuild it.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Proving voicemail doesn't have to be wack, the Slack-backed startup Yac raises $7.5 million by @jshieber

Extra points @jshieber for that headline.

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ICYMI it on Friday, I published my latest EC post based on a conversation with @Dries on the 20th anniversary of Drupal. We also talked about how he launched Acquia, sold it to Vista for $1B and the startup lessons he learned along the way.

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Replying to @TechCrunch: Wolt closes $530M round to continue expanding beyond restaurant delivery by @sohear

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I was hoping for a Bills-Packers Super Bowl. I was completely. shut down.

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Wolt closes $530M round to continue expanding beyond restaurant delivery by @sohear

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I know I can be contrary, but am I the only one who isn’t enamored with Clubhouse? It just feels like personalized talk radio. You get a show and you get a show!

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Regarding the Brady-Belichick debate: I think it’s silly. It was a successful partnership. Every great coach needs a great QB and vice versa.

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I wanted Brady to fail. I won’t lie, but he does what does and he has that sheer will to win.

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OMG Brady with the a dagger

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Nothing makes me happier these days than Tom Brady on the ground.

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Philly and Boston had matching home and home series in basketball and hockey this week. The 76ers swept the Celtics, but the Bruins swept the Flyers. Until next time Philly friends.

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Quoted @Techmeme

Microsoft confirms it halted all donations of its PAC while it decides by Feb. 15 whether to suspend donations to those who voted against election certification (Microsoft On the Issues)

Wow. That’s really taking a principled stand. How much consideration should this decision require?

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That could solve The Pats QB problem in a hurry.

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When a site posts one of those pop ups asking if you want notifications, does anyone actually say yes except by accident?

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